RTC announces that people weren't doing the bridge in orgs

17 Jul 2001


I went to the second installment of the "maiden voyage" event which features the head of the church, Miscaviage. It was a video of an early-June public presentation given on the churchís ocean-going vessel. This was billed as a "must-see" event for all scientologists, promising to give information on the incredible breakthroughs for opening up the bridge to total freedom for everyone. The entire event was a presentation by Miscaviage and no one else.

For people who have been involved as members, such as Tory, youíll love the "breakthrough" found by RTC for dramatically increasing speed up the bridge. The only thing I wondered is if the people in the audience who were applauding and oohing and ahhing this breakthrough were either rather new and ignorant or if not new, later got home and thought, "hey, wait just a damn minute Ö I think Iíve heard this all before!." And at one point Miscaviage even directly indicated to the crowd that *he* discovered these things himself. What a guy!

This was a public presentation to all who were interested in attending and I was invited. I can say that the following is pretty accurate and nearly verbatim. If I was uncertain about a word or phrase, then I included "???" in itís place.

Youíll see most of the presentation here from the opening words right up to the startling announcement of the quite specific handling for speeding up the bridge and busting the top of the bridge wide open.

[begin quotes]

"With pre-OTs now enrolled on new OT 8, the next target is the release of new OT 9 and 10. So tonight Iím going to talk to you about technical application and recent actions that have been taken to cause a dramatic impact on speed up the bridge.

"And when I say dramatic, I want you to understand Iím talking about taking the lid *right off.* Not just up, but up so much that steps of earlier years, including those you heard last night, look like nothing by comparison.

"And on that count, let me be perfectly clear. The goal is no less than *every* scientologist *moving* up to OT. And to comprehend the full significance of that, letís take this datum that comes from hcopl 28 July 59, Our Goals; ĎYouíve heard it said *everybody* is a scientologist, some just havenít cognited yet.í LRH.

"When we talk of helping every scientologist make it to OT, weíre ultimately speaking of *every* inhabitant on this planet. Now needless to say that can be a bit overwhelming, unless we confront the simplicity of the matter. And therein lies the key to accomplishing the job at hand. Simplicity.

"And when I speak of simplicity, I am really speaking of *standard* tech and the continuing crusade on points one to ten of Ďkeeping scientology working.í Everything from having and knowing the technology to teaching and applying it, and all the way through points seven to ten. In hammering out of existence incorrect technology, incorrect applications and then slamming the door *shut* on any possibility of incorrect tech.

"Now youíve heard a lot about this in recent years. Especially under the banner of the golden age of tech. And with that, we made a major link as regards the training of auditors and, at the higher levels, solo auditors. You probably remember the Ďwhyí of the investigation which led to those programs. The blind had been leading the blind.

"So letís look again at what those handlings were and what they were intended to do. Because it has everything to do with simplicities and knocking out complexities. In the end, we return to the very essence of *standard* tech.

"There are a million and one ways to do something *wrong.* The beauty of standard tech is that it is comprised of the one *right* way to apply scientology. We could have located and listed out every error, every auditor or solo auditor in the world [word] and then addressed each of them one by one. Just as certainly that wouldíve been a program that wouldíve required several lifetimes to complete. Because if thereís one thing you can be certain of, on the third lifetime from now some new student would come up with some mind-boggling complexity of how to do it wrong which nobody ever thought of before.

"Thereís an admin think which describes that approach. Itís called Ďoutpoint-correct.í It means correcting every outpoint instead of narrowing the target in finding why that outpoint exists. By finding the real why, it opens the door to handling every one of those outpoints in one fell swoop. And, as with anything in scientology, it is *simple* when done right."

<blah blah blah and another quote from lrh on simple basics.

"How much does an auditor have to learn? Well, there are many grades, dozens of rundowns and thousands of processes. But underneath all that are precise basics comprising only about a dozen skills."

<blah blah about what those skills are.

"So, if one has those skills, one needs only learn the processes and their commands. Because the basics apply to all of them. Well, thatís what the golden age of tech is all about. It comes directly from lrhís lecture, Ďa talk on a basic qual.í These werenít just a bunch of drills, but drills that carried home the *one* right way to apply the tech, and to hell with the million and one wrong ways it can be done."

<a little more blah blah

"All of this brings me back to where I began. *Dramatically* increasing the speed of progress up the bridge so it helps *every* scientologist make it to OT. And again it comes back to simplicities. And in this instance it also comes down to the old datum, Ďas one puts in order, confusion blows off.í

"And so with the first step in place, golden age of tech auditors who know their skills cold and can run a perfect session, two things occur. First, ??? with every preclear or pre-ot, achievable results one *always* gets with standard tech. And second, other complexities held in place now become visible.

"Why? Well, they were hidden in the previous complexities. But with that confusion blown away, they are now as visible as an elephant standing in the middle of the room. And the handling for that is simple. Get the elephant out of the room. Or more specifically, take the arbitrary, smash it to bits and throw it in the trash can right where it belongs.

"Well, that is exactly what we are doing. If any auditor can run the process to EP, then the *only* way that someone could *not* make it up the bridge is if the process *isnít* being run. So, spare you the details, let me give you the big picture on how weíre *dramatically* speeding case progress up the bridge. Now, this is a fairly big concept to grasp, so get ready.

"Okay, are you ready?

"Here it is.


[end quotes]

After fifteen years at the helm of scientology, it looks to me as if Miscaviage is admitting that they just realized that, in fact, during all this time they have *not* been moving people across the grade chart, also known as the bridge (steps laid out by hubbard to take someone to what is called full OT or total freedom).

If time allows, Iíll give you more that follows in this particular public presentation. He goes on to elaborate more on this breakthrough, and further emphasizes to all that the solution is for people to "*do* the bridge." Donít do other auditing rundowns and other processes except for when absolutely called for. The solution for dramatically increasing speed up the bridge is to have people actually on and doing the bridge.

I donít know about you, but again, itís like a direct admission to the tune of "we havenít been delivering the very product which we advertise we deliver, and which we tell you we are going to deliver when we sell it to you." Pick up any publication over the past fifteen years and youíll see thereís every indication that delivery of the grade chart *is* what is emphasized and *is* what is happening in the church.

What a brilliant breakthrough. "Do the thing we say we have been doing all along and has always been the *only* stated end-result of our technology in the first place. And dammit if the problem is that people just arenít doing this in our service orgs. We arenít having people do the bridge. We arenít servicing our public. We sell them the grade chart, but then we deliver something else. So, make people do the bridge in the orgs. Thereís our solution."

Iíd love to hear otherís conclusions. Maybe Iím just a little jaded. LOL!

Alfred E. Noumenon

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."


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