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17 Jul 2001

jimdbb@aol.com (JimDBB)

Jim Slusher
The Daily Herald
Box 6000
Carol Stream, Il 60197

Hi Jim: Read your column on the 'Religious Diversity' meeting with a Mormon, Scientologist, Hindu, etc. Do you know where I read it? On the ARS Alt. Religion Scientology Newsgroup. The ARS is a very active newsgroup dedicated to exposing the crimes and frauds perpetrated by the 'Church of Scientology.' This NG has over 100,000 followers and contributors here and in Europe.

Most are former members or critics who had discovered what the scientology cult is up to and got involved.

I'm in Northbrook, I like the Herald and read it a lot but I missed that issue with that column.

I am a former scientologist and a former staff member of the Cult Awareness Network ( known publicly as CAN) which was located in Barrington. Scientology spent an estimated $25 million (tax-exempt) on an array of harrasments which forced CAN into bankruptcy and CAN closed in June of 1966.

The proliferation of destructive cults is one of the most serious problems in society today. Most of these cults originate in the US and, unfortunately, the have become this countries most unwanted and subversive exports. France, Germany and other countries are enacting legislation to protect citizens from the devious recruitment and subversive activities of these cults. The biggest offender...the Church of Scientology. The President of Scientology, Heber Jentzsch and 15 other scientology officials are on trial right now in spain on an array of criminal charges. This probably was not brought up by the Scientology 'leader' at your meeting.

Working in the CAN office was a very enlightening, educational and disturbing influence. CAN collected and made available to the public, public domain information on different groups considered by the public at large to be destructive, coercive and devious. I took calls from around the world from people who had family members lured into a cult. Very often these people were clueless about the group involved and what was going on...we usually had information in our files that we could share with these callers that would be helpful and often we could refer them to former members who were willing to talk with people.

I was in Scientology when L. Ron Hubbard realized that he could get out of paying taxes by declaring his scheme a 'religion.' We were ordered to wear clerical collars and to call ourselves ministers so that the public would perceive us as a legitimate 'Church.' It was a farce then and is a pernicious farce now.

Scientology operates and finances with tax-exempt money, a network of agents and members whose function is to harass perceived enemies, former members, ctiritcs etc., into silence. I"ve had their agents come to my place of employment, three cars of scientology agents parked outside of my home when a German TV crew came to interview me...two cars followed me and tried to force my car off of the road. I could go on....this is a very vicious totalitarian cult with a world domination scheme at its core and a very effective hypnotic indoctrination methodology.

The Mormons, underneath very a slick, family oriented facade, have a very dark and hidden side. An associate of mine went through hell when his wife was recruited by the Mormons. They were instilling all kinds of fearful stuff in their five kids, a divorce came about and I remember well when the Minneapolis Social Services told him to come and rescue his kids. He did and after many trips up there to court sessions, he got custody and they are doing fine today.

Jim, this country will have so do something soon to protect people from these cults and the sooner the better. Sadly, in the US almost anybody can call almost anything a religion and quite easily get tax-exempt status. A big step will be to remove the tax-exemption status for religions. This is a wrong that has gone on far too long.

Scientology operates a number of front operations that are devices to lure people into scientology. They have a phoney drug rehab program called Narconon. Their most effective devious recruiting device is a network of business management consulting outfits. These target specifically, Dentists, Chirpractors, Veterinarians and Podiatrists and sell them management seminars. Why this group...the younger ones are suckers for management stuff and they have credit cards that can be maxed up to $50-100,000. This is a very slick operation and if you would like more info, I will be happy to give it to you. Here is an example. I was contacted by the parents and wife of a young dentist in LIbertyville who bought into these management seminars and was recruited into scientology. He left his wife and kids to 'help the world with scientology'. He has turned over $200,000 to the cult. This is just one of hundreds of familys around this country and in europe devastated by infolvement with this cult.

One of the most pernicious front operations is scientology's CCHR Citizen's Commission on Human Rights. Sounds good doesn't it. This 'Human Rights' outfit uses tax-exempt funds to distribute vicious literature which spreads lies and distortions about psychiatry. Why? L. Ron Hubbard, as he became more psychotic, determined that scientology would take over the field of mental health...and why shouldn't they, after all, Hubbard discovered the cause of all human problems, mental and physical. You will see all kinds of anti-Prozac and anti-Ritalin stuff around and most of this is crap promoted by the CCHR.

A prominent Chicago Scientologist recently committed suicide while on scientology's very secret 'upper level' courses. He was one of CAN's main harassers and I had some dealings with him. Sadly, he was programmed with psychiatry as an 'enemy of mankind' and anyone associated with CAN as CAN 'criminals.' Who could he turn to for help?

If you ever want information on Scientology or other cults, I am at your service.

Jim Beebe
phone 847-205-1134
email jimdbb@aol.com


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