Anonymous Scientology cultist accuses Lisa McPherson Trust of espionage

18 Jul 2001

Why would the LMT allow evidence of their involvement (direct supervision) of illegal electronic surveillance of law enforcement officers get into the hands of the police? A few months ago two Spanish El Mundo TV reporters were sponsored by the LMT while in Clearwater to film a show. The reporters obviously conducted their business in and out of the LMT while in Clearwater.

They covertly made an audio and video record of two Clearwater Police Officers warning them they would be conducting illegal surveillance if the bag they were carrying concealed a hidden recorder. The denied it, yet the illegal tape was aired recently on Spanish TV, thereby exposing and documenting the crime. (a felony under Fla stat 934.01)

The Clearwater police already issued a warning to Bunker when he openly video and audio taped a police officer without his permission. This time it was done covertly and denying it at the same time.

And from what I hear the same police officer who warned Bunker has the tape of the Spanish show which clearly shows the El Mundo journalists coming in and out of the LMT and then covertly recording the police. (They couldn't even get in the Church to commit the crime so they just did it on the police! What idiots!)

And this police officer is apparently the one who has the case.

Can't wait for the fireworks!

The LMT criminal record is growing. Who's going to pay the bill to defend this one?

P.S. This sounds like a violation of the injunction too - El Mundo reporters acting in participation with the LMT.


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