Exorcists learning their crime skills from $cientology ?

July 25, 2001


Exorcists' arrested for scamming women after abortions

NAGANO - A man and woman who duped dozens of women into handing over millions of yen to be exorcised from the "spirits of their aborted babies" were arrested Wednesday, police said.

Naoki Kato, 39, and Rie Kinoshita, 36, the self-professed "exorcists" were arrested for fraud after they allegedly received about 100 million yen from over 20 women they had convinced were inhabited by evil spirits.

Kato and Kinoshita, both of Takagi, Nagano Prefecture, deny the allegations.

Police said the specific case for which the pair were arrested involved a 25-year-old woman they deal with during September and October 1998. The woman came to the pair seeking help.

They told her they she was possessed by the spirit of an aborted baby. They told the woman that she would be freed if she agreed to be exorcised. The woman agreed, paying the pair 1.2 million yen.

(Mainichi Shimbun, July 25, 2001)


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