Cipriano, A Year Later

9 Aug 2001

robertcipriano@hotmail.com (R. Cipriano)

Dear ARS:

Boy, I never thought I would be back here again. Was I ever wrong. Funny thing is it is exactly one year to the day that I last testified on the Moxon Berry Barton matters. Yes, It was August 9th, 10th and 11th of 2000 that I was in downtown Los Angeles watching Kendrick and Ava jump through the proverbial ring of fire, while I explaned, on the record, what they did to me and my unfortunate part in it. That was a very hard couple days for me. But in the end (if there is ever an end) I revealed the who's, how's why's and where's of the unfortunate relationship.

It has damaged me tremendously and presume it will for years to come. I made the very grave errors and have asked for forgiveness from the Lord. I believe the Lord has forgiven me for whatever part I had in all of their nonsense. I have done whatever was necessary, legally, to right whatever wrongs may have come upon Graham Berry, and maybe most impotantly, I finally had the will to stand up against the ways and means of Scientology. I know that whatever I went throught is most likely, of my doing, and I am not asking for sympathy from anyone. What I am doing however, is stating that, for me, this thing never goes away. On August 11th, 2000 I traveled out of Los Angeles, after the final day of testimony/deposition with Moxon's attacks on me. I traveled to a new town, joined a Christian church and got on my knees. A few weeks later, I was asked to go into the missionary field in Asia and work with orphaned children. I agreed and departed promptly. I arrived in Asia and began to realize there was alife beyond my own. I realized that there was a big world outside of the world I made for myself or I effected, negatively or positively. I arrived to find that these children needed some serious love and attention.

I began work with these children, who by the way, began teaching me about love, and almost everyday, I gained more insight into what it is I should be using whatever gifts, I have been given. I worked, as a volunteer for three months in Asia.

I returned to the USA in October, 2000 and found that people in my congregation, my Christian brothers and sisters had found the articles and postings on the internet. Maybe I thought somewhere deep inside the Christian's would be the first to forgive me for my insanity and for the set of circumstances. Wrong! This particular group decided to crucify me. I had a better understanding of my place in God's world and knew that I only need to be accountable and obedient to HIM. But, it was a shock and a half when I returned from the mission field to find this.

I forgave them, as I am suppose to. And moved forward. I realized that I had talents and gifts that I could use to help the children a bit more, so I started developing an organization that would and could conduct trading and business in Asia, earn commissions and fees, and invest them into orphanages and schools for the children. This took off very nicely.

Almost a year has pass and I have made more trips to Asia and have met with many people in charge of children care for entire countries. All the doors are now opening. However, all of a sudden, like a cold wind, this comes back to haunt me. One volunteer of a subsidiary of this organization thinks she is going to become famous (in her own mind) on her computer keyboard and looks up some of the postings. She thinks, yes, Robert is working for Scientology and this is Scientology's way of taking over the world (Asia). She called Moxon and tells him all this crap. She starts to email people in the new organizations email address book and creates doubt and hate toward me and the new organization.

This person, Sandee Ogilvie, has done her best to destroy the organization, me and also, put me in danger again. What a loser!

At any rate, like I said, I forgive everybody, even her, as I have asked to forgiven, and have been. I am not here today looking for any sympathy or pats on the back (or stabs either). I am here to say WATCH OUT for this Sandee Ogilvie. She is a wolf in sheep's clothing. She is now in her 3 minutes of fame and she has alligned herself with the likes of Moxon and crew.

As for me, back to helping the children...this is where I am suppose to be...

Best of luck to everyone and blessings.


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