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15 Aug 2001

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Los Angeles, CA 90066
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August 1, 2001

By Fax: (858) 689-9765

ARM Financial Corporation
P.O.Box 85309
San Diego, CA 92186 - 5309.

Attention: Rob Bourne
Re: Berry, Graham E.
Loan # 73812621
ARM File # 00-05948
Property: 1228 Eleventh Street, #202,Santa Monica, CA 90041

Dear Mr.Bourne:

After faxing you and the HOA my earlier letter of today's date, I received a telephone call from the Home Owner's Association. Surprise was expressed at the seemingly absurd and self-damaging position of the Moxon & Kobrin law firm, in reality part of the Legal Unit of the Church of Scientology's harassment and intelligence gathering arm, the Church of Scientology International Office of Special Affairs ("OSA"). Moxon & Kobrin also represents fellow OSA staffer Glenn Barton, Kendrick Moxon, Michel Reveillere, Isadore Chait and OSA.

Of course, disregarding all of the blatant and actual conflicts of interest and breaches of fiduciary duty through such multiple concurrent conflicting representations, the Moxon & Kobrin refusal to accept a partial payment of Barton's lien makes no economic sense and is contrary to the requisite standard of care for lawyers practicing in Los Angeles County.

However, the Church of Scientology has "fair game policies and practices" such as " the purpose of the law suit is not to win but to harass and enough harassment of someone on the thin edge anyway is usually sufficient to cause their demise." An enemy, such as I am deemed, is to be "utterly destroyed by any scientologist and by any means possible".

It appears that the Church planted one of the residents (Evan Spiegel, Esq.) in the apartment building. He works for a law firm (Lavely & Singer) that represents many celebrity scientologists. There is testimony that one of that law firm's celebrity clients (John Travolta) paid $20,000 to have a felony conviction expunged from the record of a person the church had bribed and extorted to commit perjury, in litigation involving me. Evan Spiegel has told my former neighbours that he has been meeting with lawyers representing the Church of Scientology and that unless my former neighbours agree to sue me then he will sue them! That is extortion. And my former neighbours are adamant that they do not wish to sue me, but they do not wish to be sued by him either. In fact, there is no need to sue me since I have offered them a stipulated judgment. However, that would avoid the filing of another lawsuit against me while I defend myself against their transparent puppets and shills at the State Bar of California. The Church of Scientology wants to see me embroiled in as much litigation as possible.

Although the Church holds a $28,000.00 lien (disregarding its invalidity through crime and fraud), it is not motivated by the financial interests of an honest creditor. The concept of accepting say $15,000 immediately, and releasing the lien to enable that to happen is of no consequence. That would reduce my alleged indebtedness to Moxon & Kobrin client Barton but would reduce the leverage of their other clients to "utterly destroy me." Similarly, enabling a partial payment to be made out of the proceeds of a private sale at market value, to the Second Trust Deed holder, the IRS, the State Franchise Tax Board and the Home Owner's Association is contrary to their anti-social and seditious agenda. That would reduce my overall indebtedness and therefore lessen their "utter destruction of me." Whether that leaves Evan Spiegel himself exposed to litigation by the other homeowners, for breach of his fiduciary duties to them (as opposed to the interests of the Church attorneys) is of little concern to the Church.

After all, these Church of Scientology Fair Game Policies and Practices are conducted against any citizen who impedes their goal of worldwide political domination and totalitarian rule. And this is all done with tax free dollars since 1993, when the Church extorted certain Federal officials and the Federal Government cancelled the Church's then tax bill of over one billion dollars and agreed to grant it tax free status-after 30 years of successful litigation blocking the Church's tax free status, in part, just because of this very type of harassment of our citizens.

You will note that no Grant Deed has been signed. I can cancel the transaction through until next Tuesday evening, and I am adamant that nothing be done to delay the next Wednesday morning foreclosure if the Church of Scientology and its shills continue to act in such an outrageous and unethical manner.

I hope that this clarifies why creditor Barton/Moxon & Kobrin/Church of Scientology would refuse to participate in a pre-foreclosure sale and seemingly cut off his own nose to spite his face. A buck in the hand instead of two in the bush is not part of the equation here. Two in the bush enables the Church of Scientology to harass me all the more, even if other lien holders and the HOA are also further damaged as a result.

Very truly yours,

Graham E.Berry

cc.1228 11th Street HOA members


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