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30 Aug 2001

daveem@webtv.net (daveem Dave M)

When I was on staff at a Scientology mission in Losangeles, I saw many thought provoking events which made me question the validity of their teachings, I could write volumes on the madness I witnessed, but here's a good one I never forgot.

One of our other staff members had just inherited a large sum of money, and since she believed that Scientology had the ability to make her life so much better, she gladly wrote them a fat check in exchange for their counselling known as auditing. At that time we were both convinced that the auditing process would help us acquire such great spiritual growth and enlightenment, that the money meant little in comparison.

After my friend Missy finished many hours of it, she let a bunch of know that she now has the ability to leave her body at will, and float around as a spirit.

After hearing this, I was very impressed, but being the curious type, I wanted to see her demonstrate this ability to me, so when it looked like no one else was around, I asked her to turn around and tell me how many fingers I was holding up. She paused to see if any of the staff were watching us.

We figured they would frown on our little experiment, but once she felt it was safe, she gave it three attempts, but she could not tell me how many fingers I was holding up.

I was surprised, and I started thinking that what ever her counsellor had done to her in the auditing process, made her believe she had an ability that only existed in her mind alone, and perhaps this represented the whole of Scientology,

As a staff member I saw many events like this, and after a while, I started to feel a great sense of relief. I know that might sound like a strange thing to say, but I had grown to really resent the long hours and low pay that Scientology expected of me. I stuck with it because I thought my efforts were going to be rewarded with spiritual growth and enlightenment, but there came a point where I had seen to much, and I couldn't just close my eyes and pretend everything was OK,

I didn't dare talk to the other staff members about how I felt. I had done so in the past, and they always had an answer for everything, I didn't want their foolish answers this time, so I committed a Scientology sin. I choose to believe in what I was seeing with my own eyes.



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