My confessions to Scientology -- daveem Dave M

1 Sep 2001

daveem@webtv.net (daveem Dave M)

Anyone remember how Scientology convinced us that we all had to snitch on each other for our Sceintology violations?

We were told that Scientology programs were not work for us unless we were completely honest with them about everything we did, said, or even thought about that might be considered a Scientology transgression.

I am sorry to say that I snitched on a new member, and on myself for having a forbidden conversation. What made our conversation forbidden, was that we had talked about some of our doubts on Scientology together, and to have any doubts about Scientology was an offense for which we were suppose to be sent to the ethics department for re-indoctrination.

I saw the guy a couple of weeks later, and believe it or not, he also had made confession about our "un-ethical" conversation to one of the other staff members.

Shame on us for thinking we could talk and think so freely.



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