Tom Cruise : All Normal -- Not really gay. Really.

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SF Gate - 14 August 2001 - Mark Morford MORNING FIX: Artless Barbie, sucker putts.

Tom Cruise Acts All Normal :

" Penelope Cruz showed up at the premiere of her new and incredibly sappy-looking movie, "Captain Corelli's Mandolin," with a certain someone: Tom Cruise, who is widely noted not to be secretly gay, unless he is. The pair walked arm-in-arm down the red carpet at the premiere as they posed for a multitude of cameras, thus verifying they are in fact dating, and that Cruz apparently has no problem with the various Scientology 'personality tests' that Cruise subjected her to, and that she was willing to sign all the probably very disturbing release forms which are designed to further the myth that Tom is actually a normal heterosexual male and isn't actually part of a very freakish and draconian religious cult. "


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