1 Sep 2001

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Patricia: Saturday, September 01, 2001


Greetings all!

I thought I'd take a break in the action to give an update on the progress of THE PROFIT's run in Clearwater.

First off: The Cinema Cafe, where it is playing, has decided to extend the run of our film 2 more weeks. As of today, it's been running one week and we have successfully broken the house record (meaning they've never had such high attendance for any film).

The best news is: While doing our surveys at the end of every show, we've met so many of the locals with SO many stories to tell that relate to a certain cult in CW.

One such story was from a lady who works for Fed Ex and who, for years, delivered Fed Ex packages to downtown CW. She told us an interesting fact:

Because Scn owes SO much money to Fed Ex (translation: they're not paying their bills) that for quite some time now,

Scn has been required to pay cash for all deliveries. Yes, SCN, according to the Fed Ex lady, is a dead beat! GO FIGURE! Evidently the sum they owe is pretty substantial and nobody likes to do the deliveries there because it's such a hassle to do each package one by one for cash.

Other folks we're seeing multiple times are employees of Scn owned companies. They have SO many stories about their bosses and the shenanigans that go on in the workplace, but to protect their jobs, we will not disclose the names of the companies or their bosses. BUT, for the illegal activities they're observing, we're directing them ALL to the proper authorities.

There's also a gentleman who passes by Flag on a regular basis who has observed small children doing some type of strange drill late at night that involves dolls of some sort. He asked us if we knew what that was about and we had never heard of this. If anybody out there has info about what this represents, please send me a note. I'm sure we'll see this gentleman again.

Another gentleman told us that a lady friend of his, used to work for the IRS as the secretary to Fred Goldberg. Yes, she was on staff and at her desk the day that DM blew past her to Mr. Goldberg's office. She was astounded that someone could enter that office without an appointment, as it had never been done before during her employment. There are a lot of other elements to this story, but once again, we cannot reveal them in a public forum......for obvious reasons.

We continue to have at least one Scn per show who takes a head count and never stays throughout the film. They usually leave when the audience starts laughing and snickering.

According to our surveys and to the folks we are lucky enough to meet after each show, THE PROFIT is having quite an impact on the CW residents who have felt that the cult in their town would never get exposed. They thank us profusely for doing this film and we hear more often than not their words to us as they leave: "God Bless you".

I'll update again as soon as I get a spare minute.In the meantime, I hope you all check out our website in the NEWS section. We have now put up some of the TV news coverage from Opening DAY.Go to http://www.theprofit.org and click on NEWS.

Best Regards,



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