OTIII is Public Domain

02 Sep 2001

xganon wrote:

If we all admit that the OTIII story is true, then it becomes ours. You cannot copyright historical fact.

It also becomes up for public debate. Historical scholars will want to discuss minor discrepancies etc and argue the finer points of what actually happened.

See the handwritten OTIII historical document at http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/OTIII/

Beverly Rice <dbj1120@mpinet.net wrote:

Darn, I can't remember his name, Co$ rep, already stated that OTIII is public knowledge.

It was during, I believe, either Arnie's case or Zenon's case.

stacybrooks@lisatrust.net wrote:

In fact, it was Warren McShane who testified that the OT 3 story is public knowledge. This is what happened to the best of my recollection:

The testimony occurred during a hearing in Denver in the FACTNet case. I believe it was in 1995. Vaughn was scheduled to testify about the tremendous volume of published accounts of the OT3 story. He and I had compiled a fairly complete record of all the times the OT3 story had either been published by the media or made accessible to the public by "out-security" on the part of Scientologists auditing the level. The earliest document, from 1968, was written by Hubbard himself, as a matter of fact. I believe the type of issue was an Order of the Day (OODs) although it may have been something else. In any case, in the same bulletin announcing the release of OT3, Hubbard also announced the first Treason assignment for out-security of the OT3 materials. Vaughn and I always found that one amusing.

McShane had previously testified that the OT3 materials were strictly confidential. But the day before Vaughn was to testify, the materials Vaughn was going to refer to as evidence that OT3 was already public knowledge had to be submitted to the court. When Scientology saw the evidence and realized they wouldn't be able to win, they quickly revised their strategy and had Warren make a 180 degree turnaround under oath. Earle Cooley got Warren back on the stand and got Warren to testify that the OT3 story was not part of the materials they were trying to protect and that it never had been.

It was a breathtaking application of the "acceptable truth" policy.



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