Warn people not to call the Scientology hotline -- Stacy

15 Sep 2001


AT&T has a website set up to provide people with crisis assistance as a result of the terrorist attack on Tuesday. The website is at http://www.att.net/general-info/uscrisis/index.html I posted the following message on their Disaster Message Service/Getting Help, Relief Agencies page:

"For several hours yesterday Fox News had a message at the bottom of their screen saying "For National Mental Health Assistance call 1-800-FOR TRUTH." They finally took it down when they realized the Scientology cult had tricked them into listing their marketing hotline number under false pretenses. Please be aware that Scientology has no credentials as a mental health service of any kind. In fact, one of Scientology's goals is to do away with psychiatry and psychology altogether and replace them with Scientology's own fraudulent practices. Fox was appalled to find out they had unwittingly forwarded this cult's agenda. Warn your loved ones not to call this number."

People who have lost loved ones are at their most vulnerable during this time of inconceivable tragedy. They need to be warned not to turn to Scientology for help. Scientology will take advantage of their vulnerability and take everything they have.

Please check for other disaster relief websites and post a similar message warning people about the scam Scientology pulled on Fox News.



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