Scientology abuses my family -- Johan Wevers

24 Sep 2001

johanw@vulcan.xs4all.nl (Johan Wevers)

Some days ago I got a standard letter from the Dutch lawyer of Co$, Ruprecht Hermans, demanding that I remove some OSA network orders and a few HCO PL's from my site. Nothing special, he has complained about the same files already in 1998, and then at my provider in 1999. Both times I sent a reply giving reasons why I didn't see any legal obligation to remove said files from my site, and both time I heard nothing from them after my reply.

However, this time they try to play a different card: 2 weeks after I got a letter, my mother received the following letter from Kobrin:

// Letter from Kobrin to my mother

Moxon & Kobrin
Attorneys at law
3055 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 900
Los Angeles, California 90010
Telephone (213) 487-4468
Telecopier (213) 487-5385

September 19

Mrs. Wevers

Re: Copyright Infringements by Your Son

Dear Mrs. Wevers:

Our office represents L. Ron Hubbard Library, a United States non-profit corporation that is the owner of the copyrights to various unpublished works, and New Era Publications Int, which holds the rights to the copyrights in various published works. For your information, I enclose a copy of a letter that our Dutch associates have sent to your son, Johan Wevers, because he has placed some of these works on his website on the Internet in violation of our clients' copyrights and has refused to remove them. As I am sure you are a respectable member of the community, I thought you should be informed of your son's activities as you must not be aware of them, and I doubt you would be pleased that they are occurring.

Very truly yours,
Helena K. Kobrin


// Letter from Hermans to me, a copy from a fax to Kobrin was included in
// the letter from Kobrin to my mother.

Pustbus 7113
1007 JC Amsterdam
Prinses Irenestraat 59
1077 WV Amsterdam
T +31 20 541 46 46
F +31 20 661 28 27

R. Hermans
T +31-20-5414940 (secr.)
F +31-20-5414700

Amsterdam, 6 September 2001

Dear Mr. Wevers,

ON/HV-50011089 - RTC
On behalf of our clients, the L. Ron Hubbard Libarary [spelling error copied from original - JW] and New Era Publications Inc., I inform you as follows.

Our clients have ascertained that you make available to the public several unpublished [probably a lie, the documents are seized by an FBI raid, but they don't specify - JW] and published works of which our clients owns the copyrights on a website on Xs4all. The works ("the Works") you posted named:

- HCO PL 25 February 1966 Attacs on scientology
- HCO PL 16 February 1969 Targets, Defense
- OSA NETWORK ORDER 15 Black Propaganda
- OSA NETWORK ORDER 7 Enemy Action
- OSA NETWORK ORDER 10 Principles of Government
- OSA NETWORK ORDER 17 The Genus of Insane Government
- OSA NETWORK ORDER 18 Why Government Attacs Religion
- OSA NETWORK ORDER 19 Willful False Reports
- OSA NETWORK ORDER 32 Strategic Info
- OSA NETWORK ORDER 45 Intelligence Estimations & Predictions
- HCO PL 16 February 1969 Enemy Names

Our clients have not approved your publication thereof. By making public the Works, you infringe our clients' copyrights.

It is of the greatest importance to our clients that infringements are ceased immediately and that third parties are no longer able to view and/or download the Works from the Internet.

I hereby request and in so far summon you to confirm in writing by Friday 14 September before 12.00 hrs. at the very latest that you have ceased and will desist from any infringements of our clients' copyrights with respect to the Works, published on Xs4all or anywhere else with immediate effect and that you have ceased and will desist from, inter alia, copying, making available and publishing the Works.

Our clients have authorised me to pursue this matter in order to protect their rights without further notice to you.

Yours faithfully,

Ruprecht Hermans.


I didn't translate it, they now think they can make their Dutch lawyer make their threats in English to me. To repay that favor, I replied in another language (I wonder if they have already figured out which one. :-)

Needless to say, I am VERY PISSED about this. If they think that this is the way to go, they are dead wrong. Since I was rather busy lately I didn't do much maintenance on my anti-Co$ site anymore, but that will probably change now. And, I am now more determined that ever to keep those files on my site, and am thinking which interesting files I could add to piss them off.

Co$: those file are there to stay. Now it's more likely that Bush kisses Bin Laden's feet in public than that they will be removed. Operation footbullet is continuing.

ir. J.C.A. Wevers // Physics and science fiction site:
PGP/GPG public keys at http://www.xs4all.nl/~johanw/pgpkeys.html


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