Scientology at Ground Zero...they should be prosecuted

20 Sep 2001

Paul Ruggeri wrote:

> Is there no way to bring any sort of crimainal charges against them for intefering with rescue efforts and running
> fraudulent ads that could have further intefered with rescue efforts?

Fredric L. Rice write:

People _are_ trying to get some kind of charges brought, yes, but there's been no confirmation that they've done anything criminally wrong. Morally and ethically they're despicable and it'll be up to the media to punish them for such actions, not the law.

I would imagine it would be quite difficult to charge them with anything since they would have to be caught in the act. So far as anybody knows, this mailout was just wishful thinking and there has't been any actual disruption -- and the letter might damn well be a hoax. The name on the top of the letter checks out but the person could be the target of a very bad hoax.

Anyway I'm sure the guys in New York are hip and keeping their eyes open for scammers of all stripes -- yellow T-Shirts or shirts of any color. If they see a problem it'll be the guys in the field who'll drag them off.

I understand that FEMA has been represented at the site since Day #1 but that they've also been especially alerted to the contents of this letter -- hoax or not.


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