Intersting morning -- Graham Berry, Keith Henson

27 Sep 2001

hkhenson@home.com (Keith Henson)

Graham gave me a verbal report on an interesting morning with Lynn Shipe and Ava Paquette

Ava was looking very down, just dreadful in a wrinkled pink suit. Lynn

Shipe was in a crumpled green outfit and looked as if she had recently seen the face of death and had not liked what she saw.

Graham was being deposed in an unpaid sanctions ($3,200.00) case of Jeavons v. Church of Scientology) that was ultimately the result of the video Peter Reichelt shot for German TV back in March 1998. (The scns lied about how close the chopper got, and ultimately got the FAA to ground the pilot, Robert Jeavons. Jeavons sued scientology pro se for intentional economic damage working off a draft Graham gave him. Moxon claimed that the Church could be acting in the worst of bad faith but the church was still protected by the California litigation privilege. Judge Mining said it was a very close call but granted Moxon's SLAPP motion.

Both Jeavons and Graham were sanctioned jointly. Graham says scn as been trolling in an a.r.s posting to find out what he knows about Minning, but I could not find the post.

A judgment debtor examine is supposed to be confined to income and assets--of which Graham has none.

On the way to the depositing room, just large enough to hold 4 people and no more, they asked how it was going with the state bar. Graham's reply was: So what? He will get on to writing books after the state bar and Barton things are over.

So they started off questioning about writing and media contacts, particularly has Graham been talking to the Germans and the French? Graham says the whole world knows he is writing a book but he is not going to talk to anyone about publishing until state bar and bankruptcy problems (Barton v. Berry) are over. They took issue with Graham's treatments for severe depression (as if they were qualified to have an opinion) saying he looked too cheerful to have depression.

It seems they were concerned that Graham looked much better they did. Graham responded that he looks better than they do because he does not work for a dwarf who denies them their human and civil rights. They also complained about Grahams cologne, Lagerfeld, several times especially after bathroom breaks. They were all very interested in what communication he has had with Bob, Stacy, Keith, and other a.r.s posters such as Tigger and Ultramichael.

They expressed concern about Graham having NOTs and the church's IRS application. How did he get a copy? Ans: Graham was given one in discovery in the Fishman-Geertz in connection with Graham's defense that the Church had committed fraud upon the IRS.They said he could not share it. However, as Graham pointed out, in California there is a strong public policy in favor of sharing discovery--especially in product liability case. Besides, it is a express condition of the IRS 501 status that Scientology make the entire 14 volumes available to anyone who goes to the Church of Scientology and asks for it! Of course, what they have done to Graham (and the rest of us) now proves the Scientology misrepresentations and breaches to the IRS-which could result in the loss of the scientology tax status, scientology paying the past due taxes of more than one billion dollars plus penalties and interest. Miscavige and the other top executives would have to do the same with the hundreds of thousands of personal tax relief they were granted.

They asked if Jane and he were having an intimate relationship. Just good friends was Graham's answer.

Ava was left gasping when Graham said goodbye to Lynn Shipe and all her body thetans and clusters -telling Lynn to get those BTs and Clusters handled!

(As told to)

Keith Henson (Best I could, but there may be substantial errors)


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