Why Lisa McPherson? Why kill her and not so many others?

26 Sep 2001

Fredric L. Rice write:

Almost everyone escapes from Scientology after two years of being swindled. The crime syndicate allows almost all of them to leave however we've seen that the criminals will tie people down and kill them some times to keep them from escaping. The question is, "Why?"

What was special about Lisa McPherson that they tied her down with towels and deliberately starved her to death to keep her from leaving?

Dave Bird, I believe it was, then wrote:

The chances are that they made no special choice about Lisa MacPherson: she was just unlucky. She was so psychotic she threw her meals at the wall and would not eat and drink properly of her own accord, and she was unlucky to be held by clams so literal-minded and conformist that they just went on detaining her without the sense to see she needed medical help.

Gerry Armstrong <armstrong@dowco.com then wrote:

Every second of which detainment and treatment was directed and monitored by $cientology's security/intel apparatus.

She was a security risk. That equals detainment. She was an unlucky security risk.

When I told Nikki Merwin to fuck off, in Culver City, CA, Hubbard had me locked up in the Intel Bu. of GOUS, in Fifield Manor, where CC now is. I was locked up, I believe it was on the fifth floor, and guarded 24/7 by GOUS Intel staff because Hubbard said I was a security risk. Not that no one could reason with me or I was throwing my meals around.

I will say that on both occasions when I was thrown by Hubbard into the RPF I could not and did not eat for quite some period. That's almost certainly the case in the Fifield lockup as well, although I don't recall my gastrointestinal events as clearly. Being in the RPF is a lot like being locked up the way Lisa was locked up, but one could also while in the RPF be locked up the way she was locked up. If you were a security risk, a potential shore flap. (This is the Sea Org, after all.)

Being in the Sea Org is, of course, a lot like being in the RPF, and working for $cientology in any org is a lot like being in the Sea Org. Being in $cientology at all is a lot like being locked up.

Everyone is one slip away, one BI, one flash of out security, one strange assertive moment in an otherwise submissive existence when you told a woman being witchy to fuck off, from being overpowered, locked up, forced to sign confessions of your crimes, invalidated and neutralized

Pseudoscientific medical treatment in the hands of literal-minded and conformist cult followers is one thing, but literal-minded and conformist pseudoscientific medical treatment pratitioners in the hands of, or under the thumb, or the watchful eye, of a criminal enterprise like $cientology's security/intel apparatus is quite another.

Every word I've read from anyone from the first moment I heard the name Lisa McPherson convinces me that she was a security risk before her detainment, that she was retrieved because she was a security risk and she was detained on security's order for security reasons until dead.

It was a horrible horrible crime committed by and monitored every second by the $cientology cult's security/intel apparatus operated by a paranoid criminal few, Miscavige and his pards.

Has the cult been able to keep from coughing up the security/intel records in the criminal and civil cases? I certain'y hope not. All I've seen are the notes by the cult's lower level literal-minded and conformist pseudoscientific medical treatment pratitioners, and even those have life-defying holes, right? What the security/intel apparatus did with Lisa McPherson is what this is all about.

I would argue that it would not make social sense for the State to provide an operating licence to, e.g., The Church of Cynicism (R). $cientology has put all its eggs in that basket, that when wogs (R) finally wake up they'll accept and welcome The Irreligion Religion (R). If you're sincere in your insincerity is that sincerity at all? $cientology says yes, our badness proves our sincere intentions, and our lawyers have told us that we must be sincere in our beliefs to be accepted as a religion, so we better be bad.

We make light of the whole cult threat, but there are some violent, criminally intentioned people running this global intelligence/security operation, with a billion dollars to spend on whatever legal or illegal activity they want. These people use the same powers of violence and intelligence to control people inside their organization as they use in their war against their "competition."

When you're locked up inside $cientology, you're locked up by the security/intel apparatus. Miscavige knew the minute Lisa blew, the minute they got her back, and many minutes along the days to her death. He was himself certainly negligent in her death, in addition to directly causing it. He probably went gambling or some such thing leaving everyone in the intel/security apparatus without orders for a few days. But it is simply Miscavige's basic policy with secuity risks, Lock 'em up, tie 'em down, kill 'em off, move 'em out, rawhide!

(c) Gerry Armstrong


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