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25 Sep 2001

"Todd A. Phipps" <theb3nutNOSPAM@home.com>

Once again we see the so-called "Church" of Scientology engaging in recruitment schemes thinly disguised as mental health assistance. Scientology "ministers" are prowling the streets of New York City searching for "raw meat" as they call new recruits to be "routed" into the "shop". This under the guise of offering humanitarian assistance to a shocked and stunned America. Even here in Battle Creek this cult is seeking to bilk and defraud more and more people. The city should be especially wary of Scientology's Narconon program, a program purported to be an effective drug rehabilitation system. Narconon purports to "detoxify" patients by removing "drug residues" from body tissues. Reputable medical experts decry Narconon as quackery and fraud.

Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop states, "My recommendation about detoxification is to keep away from it. You don't need it. I'm not sure it does what [Narconon] describes. It's dangerous. I don't think L. Ron Hubbard has credibility in the scientific world. [Hubbard's] suggestions about detoxification can be detrimental to your health. "

This is one group Battle Creek doesn't need.

Todd A. Phipps
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