Milking terrorist acts for every last dime: Scientology Flyer

Fredric L. Rice

This is a flyer done up in red letters on a white background with a photograph of the crime syndicate's book "Dianetics," $7.99.

Begin Fair Use extract:


Terrorism affects us all

In turbulent times, fear, depreession and insecurity weaken us and those we care about. Your family, children, friends, neighbors and co-workers need help.

Dianetics, by L. Ron Hubbard, can help you rid yourself of the fears, anxiety and depression you can't shake no matter how hard you try.

Learn to help yourself and to help others.


Then there's some more text ordering the ignorant and the stupid to purchase the crimee syndicate's book.

What the flyer forgets to mention is that to get rid of these "fears, anxiety and depression" one has to scrape off the invisible murdered spacce aliens called Body Theetans -- something the criminals don't tell the rubes until afteer they'vee paid in massive amounts of money and have beeen brainwashed to the point of supreme pliability.


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