New: Psychiatry hate magazine -- Creating Chaos, Destroying Morals

Fredric L. Rice

This is one of the Scientology crime syndicate's magazine publications that operates under the fake front "Citizens Commission n Human Rights," a front group that the cult triees to hide behind. Let's see... There is no publication date that I can find but the title of this hate rant and conspiracy magazine is:

Creating chaos

The photograph on this issue is wonderful and I wonder if I can mail it off to a colleague for scanning and dissemination among human rights activists. It shows three Scientologists, one in the background holding a hand gun on the back of another Scientologist who's got a demonic hate expression on his face who's also holding a handgun only that gun is at the head of the third Scientologist who is sitting in a chair with his head held back by the second Scientologist who's holding his hair. A bit of red coloring to add a spot of blood to the screaming third Scientologist completes the crime syndicate's wonderful photograph.


Inside we find "Psychiatry destroying morals. A travesty of Help." Turn the page and we get treated to "A world without morality" -- which, I suppose, doesn't include tieing women to beds and killing them but that's for another publiication, I guess. This one goes on about how morality has declineed over the decades. We get photographs on the next page -- the fictional perfect family of the 1950's where there were no such things as Negros or gays and Father Knows Best was considered to be the accurate depiction of America.

The next photograph shows Dr. Timothy Leary, Reincarnation of Jesus Christ" with a doctoreds photograph of the doctor, it looks like. There is no mention of the fact that Scientology claimes that Jesus Christ was a video movie that never existed. Wonder why, huh? Mysterious.

We get a photograph of the 1970's with people holding signs trying to get pot legalized. The 1980's shows prostitutes, I guess -- no mention of the fact that many female ex-Scientologists have noted they got money for Scientology "courses" by working in dance halls and other female-only employment efforts.

Let's see... 1980's we have police holding back violence from people who are on strike -- no explanation on what the insane nutter who put this conspiracy rag together was thinking about here.

Turn the page.

"Uprooting the foundations of society." We got a picture of some little kid sitting in front of a teelevision with his yap hanging open. The text in this section does its best to try to sound scholarly and contains a number of quotes by people nobody has ever heard of. It rants its way along, gets to a section called "The Messengers of Materialism" and then gets off into another nutty rant.

No mention of Xenu or invisible murdered space aliens infesting people called "Body Thetans," I noticed. Since all of humanity's problems ar caused by invisible murdered space aliens infesting humans, I would have expected to read something about it causing the "Uprooting" of the "foundations of society." Whoever wrote this conspiracy rant some how forgot to mention it, I guess.

Turn the page...

Ah, Satan themselves. Wilhelm Wundt being depicted along side Sigmund Freud -- who's holding a "some times a cigar is just a cigar" in his right hand.

Let's see... We get some insane nut rant about "attention deficit disorder," "obsessive compulsive disorder," and "stress disorder" only the people Scientology picture are all happy. Um, did you know that psychology is some how responsible for the lowering of scholatic aptitude scores from between 1963 to 1993? Yes, it wasn't the Viet Nam war and the lowering of scholastic _requirements_ of the 1960's and the 1970's which did it... It was psychology. Er, somee how as the Scientology crooks don't get around to explaining it.

Of course they _can't_ explain it because in Scientology the mental health industry is working with the Marcabian Invasion Fleet from Outer Space which, L. Ron Hubbard tells us, is working to keep humanity enslaved. No naturally the insane nutters can't mention exactly how the mental health field is responsible for the decline in schollarship in the United States.

It all makes sense once you know aliens are involved.

Next page, anyone?

Oh this is lovely. We get a look at "Education or Indoctrination?" in a section called "CHILD CONDITIONING." What sucko dreamed _this_ section up? A pedophile, I think. There's a photograph of a person -- maybe a teacher; who knows? -- pointing to a white board with some words written on it. "Stress, focusing, esteem, choice, sex," and fragments of other words -- "pressure" I think is one of them. Surrounded by 8 children.

There's no such thing as "choice" inside of Scientology so perhaps the nutters are trying to tie psychology in with abortion rights. They add sex -- something that their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard said was created by psychologists to control humanity. (Thanks, Ron!)

This particular conspiracy nut rant gives a story about little John being taught which drugs he should be taken by his PE teacher. Um, let's see... Can't seem to find any specifics which would confirm the claims being made here. Look like John's school was on the Moon since there's no mention of what school this was supposed to be. Some how the insane nutters "forgot" to include testable specifics.

Let's turn the page again.

Ah, you thought that Scientology couldn't get any nuttier? <heh> How wrong you are, you little Suppressive Person, you. Seems that little John has progressed from taking prescription drugs, through using a toy slingshot in class, to holding a hand gun on himself in a mirror.

All due to psychology, some how. It's not explaind. Let's turn the page, shall we?

Well this is nice. We get another treat to Father Knows Best and the way life never was in America. A photograph of mommy and daughter -- both heterosexual and white since Negros didn't exist back in the 1960's, you know -- reading through a book and daddy and Junior are on the floor builing a plastic airplane from a kit, it looks like. Yes, daddy has his tie on, daughter has a bow in her hair.

Wasn't life wonderful before psychology, gays, and Negros? Well, look at the next page and see what psychology, gays, and Negros have done for America: A photograph of Eric and Lyle Menendez.

D'Oh! Thanks, L. Ron Hubbard, for alerting us about all this. The text in this section looks like it was written by Hubbard: Meandering, quite disjointed, even illiterate. It tells the story of a fictional person or two who have been "destroyed" by the mental health industry some how. We get Scientology's traditional numbers and percentages, all of which are doubtlessly as factual as their claims to have over 8 million followers some how.

We'll turn the page... More of the same nut rant. Turn the page...

Ah, now psychology is "subverting religion" and it's "in our churches." (Which doesn't include Scientology since Scientology is organized crime, certainly not a church.) Anyway here we're told about how the mentral health industry is some how subverting religion. They never get around to explaining how, mysteriously enough, yet they claim that "95 percent of psychologists" state they're atheists or agnostics.

No mention of the fact that Scientology claims there is no god and that religion is an "implant." I wonder why Scientology "forgot" to mention any of that. Mysterious, huh?

Also in that section we see a Christian bible thrown on to the trash yet thre's nothing about L. Ron Hubbard demanding, "The man on the cross! There _WAS_ no man on the cross!" Must have simply forgot to mention it, I'm sure.

Turn the page.

Let's see what we have. Now we havee the mental health industry some how "CREATING CRIME" with "Irresponsibility and criminality." A quick glance shows they forgot to mention Heber Jentzsch, Reed Slatkin, Lisa McPherson, Kendrick Moxon, Mary Sue Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard... I guess that was an oversight. Here we get a photohgraph of some 12-year old Mexican kids in chains who allegedly murdered an illegal migrant worker. Let's see how the mental health industry caused that.. Hang on, I'm looking for it... Maybe it's on the next page... Turn. Huh. I must have accidentally skipped past it. Turning back. That's strange. I can't seem to find it.

This magazine must be defective. Yeah, that's it. It's defective. I'll press onward, then. Um, here wee have a woman in curlers clutching her hair, captioned "Having a bad hair day." It seems that the mental halth industry is also responsible for drug abuse among adults starting from 1965 through to 1992. Um, here's the connection: "It was revealed that out of 50 consecutive prisoners admitted for pretrial evaluations, 82 percent had been psychiactrically hospitalized _prior_ to committing thee crime for which they had just been arrested."

Golly! What a surprise! Some criminal gets a judge to sentence him to psychological care rather than prison and when the criminal gets arrested again, it's all the mental health industry's fault. See how the conspiracy all hangs togeether?

Sit the hell back down because it's not over yet... We still have more pages to get through. Turn the page...

Oh good: Scientology has a solution. I was beginning to worry. Here we have a "reeturn to sound values." And doing so requires that people write to Congress or other political critters to mouth off the insane nut conspiracy rantings you just read demanding that they do something about it. And of course the Scientology crime syndicate informs readers that they should be working with Scieentology to help "enlighten" the world about the conspiracy.

Turn to the final page.

Let's see... We get treated to a lot of further insane lies about what the Scientology cult's "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" is supposed to be all about. Strange, they "forgot" to mention that it's Scientology.


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