30 Sep 2001

Someone wrote:

Every single story is vital. They all are amazing. The people who had the courage to leave years ago will always be respected for their guts to do what no one else had.

Thimble57 then wrote:

Yeah, it sure take alot of guts to run away from your problems.

yduzitmatter <yduzitmatter@sympatico.ca then answers:

I hardly think gaining freedokm to think for oneself without having to self-censor all the time is running from the problem. The problem is the COS insistance on total control of a person's thoughts,and entire life.

COS is abaout control not enlightenment. Enlightenment is about reaching beyond where you are and thinking for yourself and deciding for yourself and the best part of it all is that it is FREE. In the real world there are no sec checks,no KR's, no O/W's no mind numbing TR's, and no thought stopping techniques like MU's. Ideas are about thinking for yourself and making your own decisions. New ideas are for exploration - this is what learning is. Hubbard's so-called science and research never existed except in his own mind.

Think about the last time you did what you wanted when you wanted without having to censor your every thought. Think about the last time you read something new and different that was not censored by COS. This is freedom - to read, study, learn and think without having to worry about your next sec check or auditing session - what will come out? what will happen if I think this?

Tell me something Thimble person - why is doubt a crime? Doubting is the door to understanding - it is not a condition nor a crime it is the mind's wayof asking questions -there is nothing wrong with doubt - it is how many new discoveries have been made.

Kim P


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