MSNBC, LA: Cof$ outraged over 'petty turf wars' - 18 Sept 2001

01 Oct 2001


MSNBC, Los Angelos CA - 18 Sept 2001 -

Scientologists accused of misrepresenting themselves during crisis:

LOS ANGELES, September 18 - The Church of Scientology says it's outraged by accusations that it used last week's terrorist attacks to try to recruit new members.

A Scientology spokeswoman says the nearly 800 church volunteers who offered assistance to people were upfront about their affiliation -- wearing clearly marked t-shirts or jackets.

The National Mental Health Association accuses the church of using the guise of providing mental health counseling with the goal of recruiting members.

The head of the association says the public needs to understand that the Scientologists are not providing mental health assistance.

The Scientology spokeswoman rejects the allegation.

She says while thousands of people of goodwill are uniting to alleviate the suffering, NMHA officials are engaging in what the church calls "petty turf wars."


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