New: #1 Insane Conspiracy Hate Magazine From Scientology

Written by Fredric L. Rice

It's been 9 days or so since I posted the details into some of the other issues of the hate conspiracy magazine that the Scientology crime syndicate publishes -- under a "suitable guise," of course, since they bloody well can't mention the fact that they're the lunatic Scientology cult, obviously.

This one is again undated though it's got page numbers -- something the nutters forget to add some time. This hate conspiracy issue is:


On th cover we havee a limp dancer being held up by strings being controlled by two hands -- a puppet -- with lightening flying out of the hands (these insane nutters must think that the mental health industry has strange magical powers.)

Apparently the insane nutters are targting this issue at artists. Let's open the page and see what it says. Ah, another subtitle:

In the name of help

done in a different font. Very fancy. We start out on page 2 with "A message to artists." It tries to sound profound and scholarly, to start out with. The insane nutters ask some rhetorical questions and then they answer it with insane conclusions and then blame the mental health industry on all the problems artists have faced over the centuries.

"Freakish" springs instantly to mind. They try to tie in the Wizard of Oz, freakishly enough, into their nut rant. But if that's confusing, maybe it's answered on th next page.

Ah, here we have:

Psychiatry and film:
A fatal attraction
Deceiving Art

We find that the "Merchants of chaos" are being controlled by psychiatry some how -- which isn't surprising since L. Ron Hubbard informed us that the media is part of the Marcabian conspiracy to keep humanity enslaved and the Marcabian invasion fleet from outerspace is paying for it all. (You have to be stoned on reds and greys -- or be a Scientologist -- to understand it all.) Here's a photograph of various old-time screen actors right along side of Sigmund Freud, one of the Marcabians himself, I'm sure.

Turn a page and we find:

Marilyn Monroe
Killed by
Psychiatric Drugs

<heh> And you thought it was John F. Kennedy who did her in. Nope! It was the Psychiatry conspiracy working with the Marccabs from outer space. L. Ron Hubbard warned us about it, you know. The cult doctored a doctor's photograph on page 7, it looks like. And either Norma Gene was disfigured else they doctored her teats in this photograph, too.

Let's see what else psychiatry has in store for artists... Turn the page and we get "more of the same." A lot of freakishly bizarre conspiracy nut rants... let's see if there are any testable references. <heh> I see a lot of numbers, charts, and graphs... no references. What a surprise. And again a doctored photograph of a doctor. Interesting.

Next page we have:

A madneess
in the
Harms Creativity

W goot some photographs -- 4. Hard to say what the first one is supposed to be depicting but maybe two guys are locked up with a dog in a box or something. The Scientology cult doesn't explain what it is they're trying to depict here.

On to pages 12 and 13... Here we have:

Destroying Sanity

See, the mental health industry is in businss for "Destroying sanity" and only the Scientolpoy crime syndicate can provide the cure, I'll bet. (We'll see once we get to the end of the conspiracy rant, I'm sure, as to what we can do about all this.)

Ah, cool.. Page 15 we get around to "Gone with the wind," the movie Frankly, my dear, these cultists aree _nuts_!. Here we have:

Vivieenn Leign
The Avoidable

No, this isn't about Lisa McPherson... Er, I can't seem to find anything about Lisa's murder. Heere we geet more numbers and perccentages pulled out of David Miscaviage's ass with no testable references.

Pages 16 and 17 at least offer some cartoons that could be amusing. Here we have:

Drugs Create
Controlling Minds

And in the cartoon section of the nut conspiracy rant we have:


W have a cartoon of a guy in a straight jacket strapped to a padded wall. It's cheaper than a bed, I guess. We have a "swivel chair" that looks like it spins someone around. A "bath of surprise" I rather like. }:-} And Rush Limbaugh's "Rush's Tranquilizer Chair." These devices apparently constitute mental health in the minds of Scientology conspiracy nutters. Okay, next page...

Judy Garland
Destroyed by Drugs
at Rainbow's End

Apparently the mental health industry killed her some how. See, it's not as though she went seeking help for her problems, heer problems were caused by her seeking help. Er, some how. L. Ron Hubbard explains it all and it all makes sense -- to a Scientologist. And on the next page we have:

Del Shannon
Psychiatric drug

And here we have another pie chart with percentages pulled out of David's ass without and tstabl referencees being offered to back them up. Like Scientology's insane claim of having 8 million followers, one winds up dismissing every number the crooks spout off.

Great! My favorate and Arni Lerma's on page 22 and 23:

LSD: Psychiatry
The Trip

Here we have LSD being released to the world by the mntal health industry to keep humans enslaved so that the Marcabian Invasion Fleet from outer space won't have any difficulty when they land. And that could be any day now since L. Ron Hubbard said so. Before he died. 25 years ago. Yep. Any day now. Seems that LSD was responsible for "changed values" in America and LSD was created by "the psychs" as Scintology calls their hate focus.

Peter Green
Drugs Ruin

on the next couple of pages. We see more of the same... conspiracy rant with numerous spelling errors -- or perhaps the crooks use words they don't know the meaning of. Hard to tell. This is more of the same rant on about LSD, it looks like. Pretty insane. Heber might very well have come up with some of this nutty stuff.

Gettin' Down
on Jaze
Causing Racism

Did you know that the mental health industry is the cause of racism? It's true: Scientology says so and you know that's _got_ to be true. It says so right on page 26. And on page 27 the criminal cult says:

Psychiatry Creates Modern Racism

And thy even blame it on Benjamin Rush talking about "Negritude." I thought that Christians considered dark skin to be a "mark" made by their gods but apparently Scientology knows best.

Let's see who the first "negra" Scientology says was killed by psychiatry, shall we? Pages 28 and 29 seem to cover it:

Bud Powell

But we already knew that.

We get an insane nut rant from Chick Corea on the next page. It's pretty nutty but about on par with the rest of the conspiracy magazine. See, Chick Corea -- with Scientology's help -- discovered that psychiatry is out to "destroy your creativity" and he should know -- he's a mental health expert! Er, some how. I thought he was a jazz composer yet here he is speaking in the field of mental health so obviously he's a doctor, hot a composer. (It all makes sense if you're a Scientologist.)

Oh on page 32 we get a cool photograph: Turn up the juice! Here we find:

Cruelty in the name
of therapy
Shocking Souls

Which is strange since Scientology doesn't believe in "souls" -- at least not those of the Christian description of "soul" since L. Ron Hubbard "discovered" that Christianity was a video movie and Jesus didn't exist.

And psychiatry is some how responsible for the next death, page 34:

Francees Farmer
Raped, Shocked
and Brutalized

What's interesting is that these insane nutters seem to think thre's something amazing about the fact that actors use drugs to try to control their weight. Rather than blame the artist, the Scientology cult blames the mntal health industry -- which is working with the Marcabs.

Let's skip some as it gets numbing to try to pick through the insanity. We geet another doctored photograph of a doctor on page 39. Funny how the crime syndicate alters photographs of real doctors all the time, isn't it?

Sex, Drugs
'n' Shock
Ruining Careers

This time we have a cartoon of a naked woman wide-eyeed on a table with an electrode strap around her head, covred by a blue sheet. Yummy! We see a lot of the traditional unfounded claims here, numbers pulled out of ass as usual... the conspiracy rant continues on for some pages. On page 42 we start learning about:

Cause Harm
Causes Disloyalty

Did you know that sccreen actor guild strikes are caused by the mental health industry some how? <heh> Right, I didn't know that, either. I'm so glad that L. Ron Hubbard discovered all this for us. Thanks, Ron!

Hurting Children

Won't sombody think of the children?! Here we have a lot of graphs with numbers pulled out of David's ass again, no testable referencs as usual. And going on to pages 48 and 49:

Kurt Cobain
Ritalin Harms
"Teen Spirit"

You guessed it! It's a conspiracy! He wasn't doped to the gills on all that other crap and alcohol; it wasn't that what drove him to blow his brain out. Nope! Thanks to the magic technology of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, we have discovered that it was psychiatry that killed him. Er, some how.

Finally we get to:

The World
Needs Artists

Well guess what the solution to this conspiracy is? Go aheead, guess!

Interestingly enough, the insane criminals never mention the fact that they're the Scientology crim syndicate publishing this hate conspiracy nut magazine.


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