Thetan changes anthrax into money

30 Oct 2001

Zapper vs. Anthrax

A Swiss Scientologist offered an electrical
device against anthrax. The police have
now stepped in.

Zurich, Switzerland
October 30, 2001
Tagesanzeiger Z=FCrich

by Lukas H=E4uptli=20

Zurich - Zapper ("Energiegeber" in German) is the name of the device that consists of two metal grips, two wires and a battery pack. You turn it on, grab both grips with your hands and a current of from five to nine volts flows through your body. If needed the wires can also be attached to the wrists, thereby leaving the hands free "to drive the car or to work," as the advertisement says. The Zapper is available in places which include a text book distribution center in Frauenfeld, which is run by a Swiss information technician. Price of the electrical device: 179 franks.=20

"Better than Antibiotics"

The Zapper is supposed to help fight all serious illnesses - AIDS, cancer and arthritis. Within three to seven minutes the current is said to kill "viruses, bacteria, worms, parasites, fungus and mites in bodies" and is therefore, according to the advertisement, "better and less harmful than antibiotics." For several days the man from Thurgau has also been extolling the Zapper as a treatment for biological weapons such as anthrax. After all, anthrax is supposed to be caused by bacteria. [...]=20

Summary of rest of article. This article was included mainly to illustrate that the Y2K hysteria has been replaced by hysteria of another, similar type. The article says its illegal to sell the Zapper in Switzerland. It further states that the idea of the electrical device comes from an American woman healer named Hulda Clark, who claims she can cure diseases like AIDS and cancer. She is famous in Switzerland because the man who sells her device there is a Scientologist. He runs a Clark Center there. The book distributorship vehemently denies any connection to Scientology. Mainly they sell Christian books.=20


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