Hate/Love buttons in Scientology

01 Nov 2001

Hate/Love buttons in Scientology

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USING BUTTONS. In each of the following write out 3 ways that you could connect up the target HATE/LOVE person as anti-love or pro-hate of his/her bosses (or person with power to influence his/her job) buttons.

a. Target: Bob Jones 18 yr old stock clerk in local grocery store.

Boss: fires kids who are druggies, loves employees who are on time to work.

b. Target: Mrs. Grover a 45 year old volunteer worker at the local Charities Assn.

Boss: Director of the assn. hates people who drink alcohol, and hates employees who wear any type of religious symbol (ie, cross, jewish star, etc.)

c. Target: Bill Bonehead 25 yr old reporter at the local newspaper.

Boss: Hates enthusiastic reporters or ones who develop their own story ideas. Loves robotic "yes men" to work under him.

d. Target: Byron P. Stonehedge 60 yr old director of the United General Corp., a multi-diversified $300 million dollar a year corp.

Bosses: Chairman of the Board likes company men who tow [sic] the line; once got a director fired because the director got bad national press when his wife committed suicide off of a Las Vegas hotel after running up gambling debts - hates company scandal like this. STockholders like dividends and earning from their stock, hate anything that could prevent such.

e. Target: Dr. Ughlie, internationally known psychiatrist, 57 yrs old, professor at a local private college and in private practice.

Bosses: The local college alumni and president love good PR for their school, which holds up their image as a college with famous professors; hates bad PR.

VALUABLE/PROTECT: in each of the following write out 3 different ways that you could threaten or attack what each target person considers valuable or is protecting.

aa. Target: Robert Dayman editor of local newspaper, 56 yrs old.

Val/pro: His status in media circles, belongs to national media clubs and assns. His cow breeding farm 10 miles out of town.

bb. Target: Free-lance writer Sandra Heney, 32 yrs old, single, promiscuous 2d, drinks alcohol or smokes pot daily.

Val/pro: Doesn't want her parents to know about her promiscuity. Values her "freedom" as a free lancer. Protects herself from being at effect with others, likes to control and attack others.

cc. Target: INvestigator in local district attorney's office Todd Briggs, 45 yrs old, married, one child.

Val/pro: Being able to play gold every saturday and sunday, gets very ARC broken if he can't. His free time after work at night, hates to stay after 6 pm to work a minute after quitting time.

dd. Target: Congressman Harris, 51 yrs old, 1rst term in office, widower, 2 married children.

Val/pro: His PR as "an important person" in his community - likes for people to admire him, which is built on him this rickety PR as congressman and as former county commissioner.

ee. Target: Dr. Goldnose, local child psychiatrist, 48 yrs old, unmarried.

Val/pro: Doesn't want anyone to know that he gets sexually aroused by children, that he performs various perversions with his child patients and keeps a collection of nude pictures of children.

Drill _____:

Following are dirlls to practice locating buttons for use in Ops. These are no means all the ways to find buttons. Any difficulties encountered should be reported to your supervisor so that proper referral to materials or cramming can be done.


a. Write down 5 separate hate or love buttons that you have observed others to have had. (examples: When I was a kid I remember our local butcher used to hate kids running through his store, in fact he'd lose business by throwing the mtoher's of such children out of the store before canceling their meat orders. Mrs. Kolby, my 5th grade teacher, loved students who wore newly cleaned and pressed clothes so much that she'd give them higher grades than they deserved.)_____

b. Go through some magazines and find long stories or interviews of various people until you can get 3 different people from which you can extract hate and love buttons. Write down what you found on each person. _____

c. Go observe as many people as necessary so that in the end you can yyou have observed 3 different people about which you know at least one of their hate/love buttons each. You may not speak with any of these people except to maintain your cover in the area. Write up your results. _____

d. Go through the literature (magazines, newsletters, bulletins, etc.) of a professional, trade or spec- ialty group and note down the [x'd out] hates and loves of that group gleaned from the literature.

e. Interview the head of the personnel in some company under suitable guise and find out "reasons why" (Hate/love buttons) their personnel get hired, fired, demoted and promoted. _____

f. Go to a store, factory, agency or somesuch and interview or survey or converse with several em- ployees to discover the hate and love buttons of the management. (minimum of 5 people) _____

g. Locate a local executive or manage of some local business or activity who handels juniors or owns the business. Now by observing him, interviewing him or those who know him, and reading anything published about him and/or his line of work, find his hate and love buttons. _____

[The above was seized from Scientology by federal law enforcement agents]

ARC = As-Ising the Real Co$,



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