Out of the Closet... flatlander on Scientology cult

01 Nov 2001

flatlander <Betsey1P@compuserve.com>

Well, I was busted for posting here. True, I was probably daring Scn. to call my bluff or something...I never really believed they cared so much about who wrote on this ng. WRONG. I am sorry for the problem it did cause for my daughter, who can't understand my anger. I love her but I want her to follow another path--one that does not make false promises for scandalous amounts of money--and leads her into self-delusion. I know too much about that--about the harm in the long run. I did not realize that I was treading dangerous territory by speaking my opinion.

I have since learned the subtleties of doing so on a.r.s., because the mindset of Scn. has infused the people I love dearly, my husband and my daughter. I never really intended to make them choose between me or the organization. I only request the right to my own convictions and the right to express them. How naive. Scn. does not allow that. Auditing does some wonderful things for people and I have never disputed that.

I have looked at what must be required of someone in order to continue getting auditing...to continue on Ron's journey, you must relinquish much more of yourself than the counseling is worth. The balance is not equitable. You have to justify too much, deny too much, and agree to much that is not truthful. It is a bad equation. flatlander


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