That Indian 'reporter' from France

02 Nov 2001

Fredric L. Rice

Greetings Ida, Rodger, and Keith! Oh: And you too, Barb. }:-}

On that Indian "reporter" from France, I elected not to meet with her today. As I mentioned to Keith on IRC last night, I asked her who she was with and where she got her funding to travel around the world interviewing activists and the answers I got were squirrely to say the least.

I'll recap since word should probably be sent to activists who have talked with her or who might be contacted by her.

First off I find that she's not a reporter. I don't know what she is but she's certainly not a reporter. She writes articles, she claims, and then sells them to "television" and to some unknown, unspecified company in the South of France. She claimed she sold something to HBO and things to "cable television" -- again, very vague.

When asked about how she is funded to travel around the world she was vague again. I mentioned that she had been reported as having been in Clearwater last year, Canada, and various other areas and she told me -- after stammering for a bit -- that she has a company called "Pit Productions" which, I can't decide, is either her own company else one that buys her articles for sale in "the South of France." Again, all very vague.

I had called her last night to let her know that I was unable to verify her credentials and that I had been trying to find any mention of her on the Internet and through "other means." She confirmed that I would be unable to find anything on the Internet about her.

But that doesn't wash very well since if she managed to come out with a movie called "The Pit" as she claimed that enables her to travel around the world interviewing activists, I would think the movie would be better known. I find on Amazon.COM "The Pit" for 1981:

Edition Details:

o NTSC format (US and Canada only)
o Color, NTSC
o ASIN: 6303141781

So perhaps she's legitimate in the claim that she worked on the story or something to do with the movie. Did that give her enough money to travel around for over a year working on a Scientology story? And why did she first tell me that she was looking into cryonics, ran into Keith Henson, and then started digging into Scientology?

I asked why she was at it so long and she told me that she only works on the Scientology story when she can since it's either not funded or nobody asked her to do the story -- I couldn't figure out which. She said that she couldn't spend a lot of time working on the story so that was why she's been at it for over a year.

In all, she's unprofessional and squirrely. The worse thing I can underscore is the first telephone call she made to my office: She indicated that she lived in France and I mentioned that I had been to France and had gotten thrown out of a cafe because the engineers I was with didn't even try speaking French when they ordered from the menu. The waiter, I told the "reporter," collected everyone's menus and said, "No no. No no no." and wouldn't serve us.

She told me that some times he would like to "shoot the French" and I immediately felt that I should decline to be interviewed and hang up. Fact is that first impressions should be trusted and she rings all kinds of warning bells.

It may be that she should be discussed publically on a.r.s least someone else wind up talking with her thinking they are talking with someone who's legitimate, associated with a real newspaper or television station. It doesn't matter whether anybody talks with her because nobody's got things to hide yet what her game is is anybody's guess and if she's a bad guy, playing her game would be a mistake. If she's a good guy, she's unprofessional and squirrely enough to warrant not meeting with, I think.


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