DM Alarm Crock -- 'The Wake-Up Call'

18 Nov 2001

A couple of quotes from a fairly recent David Miscavige "epistle"...

From Inspector General Network Bulletin No. 44 from Religious Technology Center Holder of the Dianetics and Scientology Trademarks Unpublished work: 2001 RTC. All Rights Reserved

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11 September, 2001 <sic

The Urgency of Planetary Clearing

[...] Suicide bombings at Pearl Harbor led to atomic bombs wiping out whole cities. Yet suicide bombings of an even more brutal nature--previously unimaginable--have now occurred.

Every one of these attacks, and endless world conflicts can be traced to a lack of real technology of the mind and reliance on false mental therapies of psychiatry and psychology. Don't be fooled. It is *not* normal for people to agree to suicide missions in killing others.

Such people are *not* born, they are made. It is done through drugging, hypnotism and implanting--the stock in trade of the psych. This is not conjecture. It is fact. And if there is any doubt, consider the fact that the primary suspect--Osama bin Laden--has a psychiatrist as his right-hand man.

[...] The greater threat of the atomic bomb was not its destructive power; it was the hysteria and apathy it could inflict on whole populations--precisely what terrorism is accomplishing today. LRH solved that with group processing --specifically providing technology to help the masses in unfortunate times like these. <end quote

The above excerpt shows how current Scientology leadership apes Hubbard's paranoia about psychiatry. As with Hubbard, DM promotes that psychiatry (or psychiatrists) are at the root of all evil in this world. In Bin Laden's case, influence from his "right-hand man" is the more basic cause for the terrorism.

Imo, Scn management is attempting to rechannel the negative emotions activated by the terrorist attack on 9/11, to manipulate this energy to serve their own economic ends.

David Miscavige's solutions for terrorism are twofold: " 1) Get up The Bridge [...] 2) Help in the crusade so we do pull off a big win." (ref IGN Bulletin #44)

Supposedly the crusade is the scn volunteer ministers sent to the disaster scene in NY.

Int management seems to be directing a more highly focused effort to bolster Scientology's PR image via Volunteer Ministers, and thus forward Scn's "religious " image. Certainly, the "Wake-Up Call" arose out of an Int-level evaluation.) See also http://www.REMOVEvolunteerministers.org/

A quick browse through other promotional material since IGN Bulletin #44 shows how the words "Wake-Up Call" turned into a psychological button for marketing. For example, ASHO put out a promo piece 2001 CSWUS:

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Sign the "Wake-Up Call" Honor Roll.
Get a Special "Wake-Up Call" Full Time T-shirt.
Receive Special "Wake-Up Call" Service
Completion Award at the Completion of your Services.
Get Special "Wake-Up Call" Rates at local hotels.
Get Special "Wake-Up Call" Rates at the Manor. [...]

<end quote

In the same promo piece:

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Dear Scientologists;

The cruel realities of Earth have recently been brought home to all of us; a "wake-up call" on the importance of going up The Bridge now, across the dynamics.

[...]The time to go up the Bridge is NOW. Do whatever it takes to come to ASHO *now* and move up The Bridge to full OT. You'll be helping yourself, and the rest of the world at the same time.

Much love,
Captain Jon Lundeen, ASHO Day
Captain Renee Norton, ASHO Fdn
<end quote

Scientology mgmt is quite apparently making use of the fear collectively activated by the terrorist attack to incite their own membership to "move up the Bridge."

Back to DM's recent bulletin: From Inspector General Network Bulletin No. 44 from Religious Technology Center Holder of the Dianetics and Scientology Trademarks Unpublished work: 2001 RTC. All Rights Reserved

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[...] Likewise, we all have the means to reverse the cycle of materialism so that "all is MEST" and one "only lives once" is no longer the mantra of modern society. That's where the nations of America stood on September 11th, 2001--where happiness was defined by the buck, and if that didn't bring happiness (and it never has) <sic, then just take a mood-altering pill. Only when a society has lost its spiritual values, or relegated them to a passing thought (to cover all bases "just in case there is an afterlife"), can a scene deteriorate in a flash--as it just has. The public knows other religions have failed. Every one of them had an original goal of peace, love and compassion. And yet, one by one, they became involved in war themselves--all because they lacked the technology to achieve *their* aims--Christianity, Islam, Judaism--you name it. All except us. So we must give them the tech too. We must have as many Volunteer Ministers as there are police--getting every being back to church, but this time for the real help we can provide, which we must spread far and wide and so unite all religions. <end quote

"We must have as many Volunteer Ministers as there are police..." ?! David Miscavige has apparently identified the "opinion leaders" at the WTC disaster scene and seeks to cause a close psychological association between "police" and Scientology's " Volunteer Ministers". In his blatant attempt to make this connection, David Miscavige has again revealed his utter lack of religiosity, as well as his disdain and disrespect for humanitarian endeavors. There is nothing sacred about Scientology.

"Unite all religions"?! How much unity will you have accomplished, Mr. Miscavige, when leaders from the world churches see how you poison your membership with bigoted messages such as the one above? The following e-mail spam from the CO I HELP to scn members shows how your sentiments filtered down the channels of Scientology, apparently mirroring and forwarding your "command intention.". ( IGN Bulletin 44, referenced above, obviously transmits Miscavige's intentions.)

This e-mail from the Commanding Officer of the International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors, was initially posted to ars on 9/14/2001 under the subject title: I HELP Spam "READ THIS - Sea Org & Volunteer Ministers in NY ". The CO I HELP is at a lower echelon of management

---------- Forwarded Message ----------

FROM: "Karen Scott" <karen2comm@mediaone.net
TO: <Undisclosed-Recipient:;
DATE: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 <time stamp deleted
RE: READ THIS - Sea Org & Volunteer Ministers in NY

Pls dissem widely to Scientologists.

To: Scientologists <--
From: CO I HELP Canada


I'm going to attempt to convey in a few short sentences using our terms what the scene is:

It is highly unlikely you have ever scene anything to compare to the sheer MEST damage here. Unless you have been in a bombed out city before. Nothing you have ever seen in any movie comes close to this, nothing. For miles the streets are gray ash and paper mush and the trees are hung with rags of paper from the Trade Towers. Everything as far as you can see is covered with white dust. The number of crushed ambulances and foreignness piled on top each other or lying torn apart in the streets from the second blast and collapse is undesirable I have seen the mountains of bent steel and cement rubble which is all that is left of these buildings. Text cannot convey this reality to you. If you watch the TV footage of ground zero, this is what it looks like.

And there are thousands and thousands of people down there working. Police and fire and national guard and other workers. The sheer magnitude of the operation is difficult to grasp.

You will see the chaos merchants on television gleefully embellishing the misemotion. The truth is the people are working and working and working until they have to rest. They are not misemotional for the most part. They are fittingly sad and angry and tired and stunned but they are carrying on.

What we are aiming to handle is provide adequate support for these people. You will hear the media running a line that "We don't need any more volunteers." What they are neglecting is the old datum that behind any army are 5 people to every soldier acting as support staff to keep him fed and supplied and in shape. This is where we come in and I can tell you now: this area could absorb the efforts of a thousand Scientologists for weeks right now.

Additionally we are trying to move in and knock the psychs out of counseling to the grieving families and that could take another 100 plus people right now. Due to some brilliant maneuvering by some simply genius Sea Org Members we tied up the majority of the psychs who were attempting to get to families yesterday in Q&A, bullbait and wrangling. They have a hard time completing cycles of action and are pretty easy to disperse. But today they are out in full force and circling like vultures over these people and all of our resources are tied up in the support efforts in the disaster zone at present.

There is nowhere on Earth right now that hurts like this place. These are brave people and they are the able and they don't know it but they need the Scientologists with LRH's tech to be here right now. The fire-fighter company down the street from the org lost 14 members on Tuesday. No one can do anything for them or the rest but Scientologists. The other religions here with their ministers have shown their true colors and are working hand in hand with the psychs to give these people as much false data and restimulation as they can. They HAVE NO TECH and they're not even trying to hide it anymore. They've crossed over and abandoned anything spiritual and to hell with them.

The Red Cross has told us when we went to help at their shelters and found no one there, "the people say they are doing fine so we send them back out". Thats because the Red Cross' confront is sooo low they can't even see when people are suffering right in front of them. They are blind. I have stood in Times Square at 7:00pm with people all around and I swear I could have communicated in whispers and been heard at 20 feet, such a hush lies over this place. It hurts. Big time. Nobody is in PT. They are stuck in the incident.

So I'm sending this out to you. It is a direct request for your presence here now. We are uptone. We are making it go right. We need help now. And what this place needs now more than anything else in the whole wide world is more Scientologists here right now.

Thank you.

Lt. Simon Hare CO I HELP Canada (in NY)
------------end pasted message---------------------

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