Pity the Scientologists

02 Dec 2001


Pity the Scientologists

What freaks they truly are: Please advise the shrill, pompous, spineless airbag Joel Phillips, and the rest of his Scientology sheepkin, that not only does he not speak for any free people, but that he is barely able to make coherent sense of his own squealing and frenetic mind ("Lies, Damn Lies, and Scientology," Letters, August 17-23).

I hardly need tell your readership that any dignified human being with even the most rudimentary cognitive skills would never consider membership in that lunatic cult formed around a science-fiction author.

Sweet sanity, who on earth could sanely indenture themselves to a sadistic aggregate of rapacious corporate reptiles such as constitutes the Scientology corporate board and its underlings? Yes, there are such unfortunates who would, but let us never conceive they could string two sequitur thoughts in a row. These people who have been hypnotized, in a very real sense not evident in the typical shaman's parlor tricks, are only to be pitied. Small wonder they suffer so and rush to their tormentor's defenses. The history of Scientology reads like a particularly demented extension of the Third Reich, and the pitiful psychological fanaticism of a victim populace for its sadists is well known.

So, Mr. Phillips, and all your fellow sad cravens, you speak for none, least of all for yourselves, who haven't the capacity to know pure evil when it's incessantly buggering you.

Arthur Peese


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