Mr. Fischer 'forgot; to mention Scientology's core beliefs

17 Dec 2001

From: 'Fredric L. Rice' <frice@raids.org>
To: letters@statesman.com

Dear editor,

In your publication's December 15, 2001 article titled "Houses of worship" which advertises the Scientology organization, Mr. Jeff Fischer said that if someone is not happy about something in his life, "something can be done about it."

What Mr. Fischer "forgot" to mention is that Scientologists are told to secretly believe that every problem people have is the result of humans being infested with invisible murdered space aliens called "Body Thetans" and it's these Body Thetans that have attached themselves to humans that cause all of humanity's woes -- from physical maladies to mental difficulties.

When Scientologists "do something about it," Mr. Fischer forgot to mention it involves giving Scientology massive amounts of money for what they call "auditing" to remove these invisible parasites from outer space.

Of course the Scientology organization doesn't tell people about Body Thetans, Xenu, the Marcabian Invasion Fleet from outer space, and all the other core beliefs of Scientology until their victims have been heavily brainwashed to make them pliable to such notions.

No, Scientology wants to sucker victims into their clutches under the guise of "doing something about" humanity's woes without telling them before hand that all of their problems are caused by alien infestation because they damn well know that nobody would sign up with them if they knew Scientology is a flying saucer cult -- with a lengthy criminal history which anybody can review on the Internet.

Fredric L. Rice
Chairman, The Skeptic Tank


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