Scientology copyrights in flames



It seems some people (Miscavige) just don't have the guts to quit when its over. As I sit here writing to you, two well paid but wet PIs' wait in the rain to watch me. Judge Kane lit a fire under Scientology's copyright protection. I plan on sitting in front of that fire and watch it burn burn burn.

That stupid whore lawyer Sandy Rosen does better in lipstick than in a suit. I told him he had no idea what he or his law firm were getting into back in August of this year. I said this without malice but could tell by that stupid eager look on his face that all he wanted to do was please his masters. Well Sandy now you can follow Miscavige straight to hell, there is room enough for both of you.

Miscavige when are you going to wake up to the fact that no matter how many scientology drones you send out to harass Stacy or Bob Minton your fate is sealed. Can't you just take it like a man. Soon you will be in a place where you will be taking it like a man regularly.

Hey David, look around you. Do you really think even your best drones are going to go to jail for you? You think Marty will just go to jail for you? Do you think Lyman will keep his silence and just go to jail alone for all the fraud of the US legal system he has been a party to? Who are your friends David?

Do you think they are your paid whore lawyers?

I have been executing several "confidential" projects to quicken the final solution for the scientology cult problem. At this point there is nothing that can be done to stop the wheels from turning. Soon all will appreciate just what is being done.

Just a few people are the stone in the slingshot of David. Remember that result?

Respect, Jesse Prince


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