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> Hi Fredric!


> Please, I'm unsure to understand this post here; apart
> of jumping one part of the Jessie's original text, I've
> not found any other twist.

Well, everything I post and e-mail is my _opinion_, you must understand, and my opinions have at times been found to be mistaken. I form my opinions on what I read, either in the court record, the news media, and on the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup and I may not have all the facts. Anyway, here's how I view what the conspirator did:

In the transcript -- which I hope you have the full copy of -- he as much as lied to the Judge by not quoting the entire message which Mr. Jessie Prince posted. The un-indicted co-conspirator misinformed the Judge and allowed her to erroneously believe that what he (Moxon) quoted was the entire message that Mr. Jessie Prince posted. That's a lie and may even be a fraud on the court, perhaps. I posted what the judicially recognized conspirator told the Judge and then I posted what Mr. Prince _actually_ wrote. Moxon, it seems, doesn't realize that Google archives every message posted and that evidence of his (Moxon's) lies can be easily exposed simply by retrieving the actual message he (Moxon) misquotes in front of judges. But then the criminals we have in America are of a particularly stupid and uneducated lot. It's why we have television shows like "Cops" which have large viewing audiences.

Also in that transcript the co-conspirator talks about how wrong it is to pay a witness for testimony and yet in the Chipinaro (spelling?) case the witness testified in affidavits/declarations/depositions that Moxon had not only paid him to commit perjury against Mr. Graham Berry but that Moxon and his fellow conspirators had funded the "Day of the Child" in return for perjury testimony against Mr. Graham Berry. So in that transcript you find a known and notorious individual -- recognized by the United States as an un-indicted co-conspirator in America's single most largest and widespread domestic espionage case in its history -- who apparently -- I SUSPECT -- only managed to escape prison by ratting out his co-conspirators in the "Snow White" domestic espionage felonies complaining about paying witnesses to testify when there's a mountain of documentation from a well-documented witness describing Moxon doing exactly that.

The Judge should have been informed about the Chipinaro documents when Moxon started complaining about witnesses being paid since it would have shown that Moxon apparently does just that.

The difference is that in Mr. Jessie Prince's case, the witness was paid money so that he could work and live in Clearwater so that he could competently testify in the homicide case. In the un-indicted co-conspirator's case, he is alleged by Chipinaro (and others, I suspect) at having paid for perjury -- to lie to the court just as Moxon did by apparently lying to the judge by not quoting all of Mr. Prince's posting.

Also in that transcript you'll find that Moxon _HATED_ the fact of his criminality being presented before the Judge since when Mr. Dandar started to ask Moxon about his criminal activities in the Guardian Office / Office of Special Affairs, Moxon and the other lawyer tried to interrupt and objected claiming, as I recall from the transcript, that Mr. Dandar was about to slander Moxon, knowing that Moxon is a documented conspirator and not wanting the Judge to hear about it.

A lawyer (Moxon or the other one; I don't recall which) even claimed that the Guardian's Office was "disbanded" which is also a lie to the Judge though one difficult to prove since the crime syndicate adopts and drops names and fake fronts to avoid prosecution and media embarrassments. We know that the Guardian's Office is still running unabaited under the guise of its new name the "Office of Special Affairs" yet it would be difficult to explain to a Judge convincingly that inside of the crime syndicate the same criminal department is known as "Department 20" inside the syndicate and that nothing has changed. Indeed, Moxon was and still is part of that criminal arm and only the name the syndicate gives to the media and Judges has been changed.

Finally, the whole point of that hearing was the fact that Moxon was responsible for the organization's traditional and well-documented "Fair Game" harassing and intimidating a witness to force him to drop his testimony in the Scientology killing of Lisa McPherson -- that's a felony and Mr. Dandar was trying to get the Judge to impose sanctions against the individual. The Judge's opinion was that criminal charges would need to be filed and that DA's office McCabe would have to investigate whether to indict Moxon for that felony but that she (the Judge) couldn't do anything about it.

The Judge also suggested that Mr. Prince might consider filing a civil case against Moxon for his behavior. The fact that a jury already concluded that Moxon et al. tried to "set up" Mr. Prince would go a long way toward getting Moxon punished in both the criminal and the civil cases, I would like to think.

I seriously doubt that Mr. Dandar or Mr. Prince will ever file criminal charges against Moxon for trying to tamper with the witness (Mr. Prince) since, as you know, Scientology's well documented in-house written policy of suing people not to win but to harass would be just what the crime syndicate would want: more criminal and civil charges against Scientology to further muddy and slow down the trial in their murder of Lisa McPherson. Indeed, that's why they're suing you: to try to silence your speech about Scientology's criminal history and its on-going criminal activities around the world.

>Is that a twist of importance, in such a case?

No, it's over and done with and the Judge will probably never find out -- unless Mr. Dandar informs her -- that Moxon once again apparently committed fraud on the court (though Mr. Dandar would have to try to prove that it is part of the traditional fraudulent activities Moxon and the crime syndicate commit in courts across the United States.) Mr. Dandar probably doesn't even know that Moxon misquoted fragments of Mr. Prince's message posting to make it look like Jessie said something he didn't -- which seems to be a common tactic for the organized crime syndicate given its racketeering history exposed in the Keith Henson trial where Moxon's Scientology worked hand-in-hand with Eliot Abelson, the notorious Gambino Mafia organized crime figure.

> I'm asking because I'm facing the criminal moxon here
> in France on jan the 15th, he's complained against me
> because I had insulted him publicly (treating him of
> criminal and idiot).

His history is well documented, though, and I suspect all you need to do is locate all of the documentation in the form of affidavits, declarations, and depositions which contain detailed discussions and examinations of Moxon's felonious behavior. Include the Stipulation of Evidence and anything else you can find which covers Moxon being named as one of the many un-indicted co-conspirators in the crime syndicate's "Operation Snow White" felonies. Also include documents covering the GO/OSA's once-secret documents which are still available on the Internet relardless of the fact that the syndicate has tried repeatedly to get them suppressed.

> I've already a lot about him; but that one is very recent,
> and it would be of weight because of that.

If you need copies of that transcript in full, I can provide it.

Also, to cover what law enforcement thinks of the Scientology crime syndicate, Mr. Lt. Ray Emmons, once of the Clearwater Police Department, specifically and officially called Scientology organized crime when he concluded one of his reports on Scientology with:

I use the concept of the Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee as my guide in asking for a joint committment of the various criminal justice systems to ferret out information concerning a criminal conspiracy to defraud within the Scientology organization. The attached letter from Robert W. Merkle, the U.S. Attorney, explains the concept of L.E.C.C. and how the various agencies of the criminal justice system can coordinate and combat a common foe: Organized Crime.

That can be found at:


In that Summary you'll note that the only reason why the United States hasn't thrown the crime syndicate (with hopefully some of the more notorious ringleaders like Moxon et al.) into prison is because of the need for _money_ to accumulate documentation, acquire indictments, try the ringleaders in court, and imprison them.


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