(Bill) William Elliott Rhodes outed as AOL board agent provocateur

21 Dec 2001

The addy of Virginia <vmcc@icehouse.net, In article ID <3ycR7.1431$He.36043@sea-read.news.verio.net, On or about Tue, 11 Dec 2001 00:36:15 GMT,

Virginia says...


However, it should be of interest that my ex-husband William Elliott Rhodes, also known as Bill, was working on an OSA project having to do with "anti" postings to the aol board and newsgroups. This was in approximately 1997. He never gave me any real details as to what he was doing, and at that time I didn't know what he was talking about anyway, and wasn't interested.

But I thought some out here might like to know that this was an OT VII (on Solo Nots) helping "handle the critics" with OSA. He also said he had special logins or something like that (he is very computer literate and I was VERY not at that time).

I also asked him, should I help with this, and he got very "funny" about it and said no no you don't need to, no no, that's ok. Now, also he said that these "guys" are "very good" over on these boards, and that they (loosely paraphrased)"use a lot of true data and quote LRH and it can be very confusing and you don't want the dev-t on your lines".

So I dropped it and didn't think any more of it. I feel with all the knowledge I have gained since that time however, that it becomes important that this be known as to what Bill was involved with.

An ethics gradient if you will, on Bill for allowing himself to compromise his integrity in regards to what he was well INFORMED about, the out-tech on the six month check line, and for him to stand by and do nothing, while watching one of his, "best friends" as he puts it, take the fall.

Bill, if you get shown this, to "check your ethics" by OSA, WAKE UP! LOOK!



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