Hubbard ''There was no Christ''

22 Dec 2001

"Roland" <roland.rashleigh-berry@virgin.net>

Are you a Christian and a Scientologist? You may think you are. You may have been told you are by the staff in your Scientology org. You may even believe that you are going to be a "better Christian" through the application of Scientology technology.

Well let me tell you something that those Scientology staffers won't tell you. They are LYING to you about Scientology being compatible with Christianity to keep you in long enough until the Scientology processing takes effect and you lose your faith in Jesus Christ and eventually denounce Him.

Do you know L. Ron Hubbard's voice when you hear it? If not then you can go direct to the www.scientology.org website and hear some quite long recording of his voice until you are sure you know what his voice sounds like. Then you can listen also to this little gem:



"You'll find, by the way, another manifestation is preclears, will shift the identities and borrow facsimilies - like mad.

"There's what they call 'The Christ Game' and that game has been played and played and played and play..., honest to Pete, these cards are just so thin. They've been laid down amongst the coffee cups, and so forth, of the whole universe.

"You'll find out thousands of years before the year 1 AD, Earth, you will have facsimilies and dolls made up like Christ. Fac One, a million years ago, is occasionally rigged with Christ and the devil and an angel. It's a fascinating thing, it's an old game.

"Here on Earth, there was undoubtably a Christ. One of the reasons he was ... he swept in so suddenly, and he would go forward so hard, is he had a good assist back of him in terms of an implant."


"What's Wrong with This Universe: A Working Package for the Auditor", Philidelphia Doctorate Course #24. 9 December 1952. (slightly more than half way through) (54.5 seconds)


What Hubbard is saying is that the basis of the Christ idea comes from an implant called "Fac One" (short for Facsimile One) given to us in past lives one million years ago or later before the birth of Christ and that when Christ came along He was recognised as being in this implant and so was accepted as such. In other words, the belief in Christ is a trick played on us one million years ago or later before Christ started His Ministry.

Is this a tenet of the Christian belief system?

If you were to go to your Christian Church and ask your priest or pastor whether this Scientology view was compatible with being a Christian then would he nod and say it was okay?

Why not ask and find out?

Here are a few more gems from Hubbard on God:

The following are from the Class VIII tape "Assists" which is for the ears of Class VIII auditors only. Why is it kept secret?


And in the one below is Hubbard's famous quote: "The Man on the Cross - there was no Christ"


Now think again. Are you both a Christian and a Scientologist?

The Clear Cognition - "I mock up my own reactive mind". OT8 cognition - "Now I know who I am NOT and am interested in finding out who I am" Read all about the "Bridge" scam at http://www.xs4all.nl/~xemu/Bridge.html


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