German Nazi Scientologists attacked New York, not Osama Bin Laden

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From: <...cuts...flr...@ozbytes.net.au To: FRice@raids.org Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 14:59:16 GMT


I am a Canadian, a Christian, and I wish to share information with you regarding September 11th attack on U.S.

The war we are in, is an anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim political movement to control the world, and it has been planned by Scientology Corporation for more than 40 years. These are German Nazis, yesterday's terrorists all over again.

The Scientology took control of the Toronto Stock Exchange when Ashton Company which is owned by Brian Ashton, a Toronto Counselor for Scarborough, was contracted to do TSE’s network services two years ago. The Scientology Corporation now, after the attack on US, and after the installation of new computer network equipment, probably controls the Wall Street.

The Scientology comprised of many former German Nazis, is a danger to law and order and a source of constant friction in Canada. There is complete lawlessness in our country, and Canada’s citizens do not currently have a working government agency or a court of law to which they can turn for help, because Scientology members have penetrated all government departments and all companies.

SCIS is a privately owned company, not a government agency. RCMP answers to SCIS. It probably needs to be established who actually owns CSIS, and affiliations.

Ten thousand Nazis, SS and Gestapo have been admitted into United Kingdom, and several thousand Nazis have been allowed to settle in Canada after the Second World War, and most have not been punished for their atrocities to humanity.

These individuals are now members of Scientology Corporation and are responsible for destabilizing our society.

Canadian Public Libraries display a book titled: 'Lies About Hitler.' All of our library staff are Scientology members.

When an individual logs onto a school, college or a university website, that individual is redirected to the Library website. Librarians are Scientology/Nazi movement members and undermine the website. Scientologists who work as webmasters undermine the website activities. They purposely break the links on websites. They also leave out the ability for a person to leave a message for that company.

They have strategically positioned their own computer personnel in apartment buildings, to cut into the telephone lines and email of tenants. They use verbal judo and shadowboxing -- 'Conquer through misdirection.'

The priests and ministers in our churches are Nazi/Scientology cult members who have penetrated our churches more than ten years ago, and most of whom are German. They penetrated the Roman Catholic Church through Charismatic movement in the 60s.

Every Canadian government department: CRTC, Human Resources Development Canada, UI Pensions, CIDC, Labor Board, Human Rights Commission, Crisis Centers, Citizen Action Group and The Help Center, Amity and other charities, Health Department, Trillium Ontario Drug Programs Branch, Immigration, Customs,

Revenue Canada, all banks and all finance companies, Air Canada, our schools and churches, libraries, security companies, media, group homes, and all Canadian companies are under total control of the Scientology Corporation, Mohawk College, Sheridan College, McMaster University, and many of our leaders are members of Scientology.

Although much of the population of this movement is German, (former Nazi, SS members and families), followed by Austrian, Hungarian, Yugoslavian, Portuguese; the Nazi/Scientology Corporation marketed and sold its greed driven, hatred and anger filled Hubbard's movement to different groups in a different way.

Civil rights have been violated: our telephones have been illegally tapped, electronic equipment has been illegally installed at our residences, our mail has been intercepted, our email has been read and our Internet activity has been redirected to phony websites. Apartment buildings have computer personnel on site, whose only purpose is to cut into our telephone and cable lines for purposes of snooping on us and reporting on Canadian citizens to Scientology.

They have been fuelling wars throughout the world. Each time two opposing countries were about to settle and to sign an agreement, someone went in and undermined it.

The Eurodollar, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the amalgamation, the conglomeration of municipalities, the split up of USSR and Czechoslovakia into provinces, are all part of the Scientology Corporation movement to control the world. The terms 'globalization,' the 'unification,' 'monoculture' are in fact Nazi/Scientology Corporation’s quest to control the world. Global Television's red globe, as it turns around, at one-point turns into a Nazi swastika.

'What is globalization and borderless world?'

It is a world emptied of every value and principle except one 'accumulation.'

They infiltrated the Royal Bank in early 70s, and this bank is now moving into US. Currently, there are numerous scandals involving the Royal Bank and mortgages. The Nazi/Scientology Corporation merged the Toronto Dominion Bank with Canada Trust Bank; now they have taken steps to merge Scotia Bank with the Bank of Montreal; soon we will have one banking system and they will dictate to us how much we will pay and we will all become their slaves.

They have been undermining the activities of everyone, including their own members. One layer does not know what they other layers are doing, and for that reason they remain. The members are not aware of the full scope of Scientology activities.

Everything is designed to confuse and frustrate. The main street in Nashville, for example, every time it turns a corner, it changes its name. So, in fact, one street in Nashville has 8 names.

They have removed postal code information from our telephone books, and we now must pay for that information.

Those who have been opposing this movement, have been blacklisted by the Scientology and are unable to find employment and are unable to support themselves because their names and their pictures have been distributed in Nazi/Scientology meetings.

Medical mobile units bring medical personnel to homes and Scientology Cult members then proceed to brainwash the public and the unsuspecting.

Tenants in apartment buildings have been video taped without their knowledge, electronic equipment has been used for subliminal messages on tenants in apartment buildings and in hospitals, and the Nazi/Scientology Corporation uses those tapes during their instructional brain washing meetings.

Canadian citizens’ complaints for years have been completely ignored. Currently, all public and school library staff are Nazi/Scientology Cult members. The Nazi/Scientology Corporation, took Amway cult /pyramid scheme and Masonic Lodge under its wing.

Dentists have been implanting electronic tracking devices in the dental fillings. Doctors have been doing the same during surgeries.

The members of this corporation are like sharks, constantly on the move; constantly changing their names, location and residence, location of employment. Their companies constantly change the names because of bad publicity. They frequently repaint their cars.

Electronic theft is rampant; they steal from the government, they steal from the companies, suppliers, their customers, employees, and they steal from each other.

'Walkers' have been trained in psychological coercion in malls and on the streets, to make citizens think they have been singled out. They monitor every public telephone booth and every mailbox. They have already taken measures to get rid of all the public telephones altogether. Some mailboxes have been nailed from the inside.

They have been burning houses, purposely causing car accidents, pouring oil on highways during rain through rigged trucks. They have been flipping cars on the roads electronically, remotely. They also have electronic equipment to give Canadian citizens instructions, either when they sleep

They have rigged parking lot lights and streetlights with electronic sensors, to monitor those who have been electronically tagged with tracking implants. When an individual arrives and parks his car in a parking lot, or passes a street light, that light flickers or goes off completely to signal the arrival of that individual. The same is done in apartment buildings.

The hallway lights are rigged for monitoring purposes, or one of the tenants' lights is rigged in his apartment for purposes of monitoring other tenants.

Many Nazi/Scientology members work full time for several companies simultaneously and collect several paycheques using various aliases and displaying phony family pictures in their offices. Frequent firings are promoted because they need people in transition for recruitment purposes. Men in their sixties start new families with young, under-aged teen-aged girls, as young as 14 years old. Our current consent for sex is age 14.

They have infiltrated charities, women's crises centers, and all donations go to the Scientology.

HR Departments advertise ob positions for appearance purposes only, when the intent all along is to give the position to one of their members. They use code when they speak to each other, so that they can recognize each other.

This is done on regular basis during interviews. During interviews, the candidates are also given psychological tests whose only purpose is to determine if that individual can be manipulated and brainwashed.

Changes to gun control were introduced in 1994 in preparation for this, because they did not want the Canadian population to be able to retaliate.

Under the guise of self-improvement, through their courses, they have brainwashed our entire young population, and turned them into psychopathic robots. They have been brainwashing our children, in our schools and churches with Hubbard's beliefs. Many of the so-called 'churches' in strip malls, and nothing more than brainwashing factories.

To acquire additional money, they have also been converting apartment buildings into condos.

They have been systematically been removing all mail and fax contact and addresses of our government departments from telephone books and company directories, of the companies they either own, control or run.

Recent references to Scientology have been removed from the Internet search engines.

They put people in financial difficulty, by undermining their employment, and then loan them the money at 28% interest. When the individuals are not able to pay, those individuals then become Scientology slaves.

They get into the HR and once there, only members of the Scientology get hired. The security companies alert the HR who do the interviewing either by ringing a bell, or telephoning the HR individual, that the person being considered for the position is opposing to Scientology movement, and should therefore not be hired.

They enter companies by acquiring an electronic pass from one of their people in security. Once they have a pass, they simply show up one day and claim they work for either the department, or the HR sent them, or, they simply create a new department and assign themselves a position. Since the already have a security pass, no one questions it.

When they want a parcel of land, they simply burn the building that has been erected on it. There is such lawlessness in Canada and Canadian citizens do not have a safe political and social environment to protect them from harm.

They first create the crisis, get the individual fired from his job; burn the person's business; burn the person's house; they then recruit these victims under the guise of trying to help them.

When our doctors started leaving Canada by the thousands, that was not for the monetary reasons; it was because of what they knew was coming, and because of what was being asked of them to do.

By creating crisis after crisis, they have created the world in their own likeness. Canada has become a brutal and repressive regime in which its members' civil rights are being violated on a daily basis.

Scientology has either partnered with Microsoft, or their programmers have infiltrated Microsoft and purposely designed Microsoft systems, software and programs with thousands of security loopholes, which allows for easy access into other computer systems.

The computer firewalls, within have been reprogrammed to return messages which indicate that attempted accesses to computers were harmless, and nothing to be concerned about; when in fact, the computer systems’ security has been compromised.

Some software firewalls such as Norton Utilities, Toronto, Canada firewall were designed by the programmers to route customers' email from the ISP servers to Norton servers. The only reason for doing that would be to steal the information in those email messages.

Scientology HR managers, during interviews give psychological tests to applicants, and they hire only those who are suggestible.

More than twenty years ago, they closed many wings of psychiatric hospitals in Canada and put mental patients out on the streets. That gave them a pool of unstable people whom they used and manipulated.

Their security companies illegally monitor voting booths.

The Nazis/Scientologists introduced AIDS in 1958 in England and then sent the seaman to Africa for two years in hopes of killing off the black population.

When that did not quite work to their satisfaction, they then proceeded to brainwash and bribe.

Employment Agencies owned or controlled by the Nazi/Scientology Corporation:

Xycorp, ProTech, MIS Consultants, Allen Personnel, CSI Consultants, Intellitactics, Accounting Advantage, ATS -- Reliance Technical Group, Angus Employment Agency, @Tech (previously Apple One Technical), Centex, Ultimate Staffing, Apple One Employment, Cheryl Craig Careers Corp., HEC Group (formerly Hamilton Executive Consultants), Drake Temporary & Permanent Staffing, The Employment Solutions (TES), Express Personnel Services (franchises), High-Road Personnel, Action Force, Adecco Employment Services Limited, Aimco Labor Lease, Ariel Group International, At_Tech, Avion International, Call Us Ultimate Staffing, Can Work Corp, Contempra Office Personnel, Eagle Professional Services, Hire Purpose The, Jankar Human Resources Inc., In Transit Personnel Inc., Industrial Temporary Solutions Inc., Job-Born Candidate Selection Bureau, Kelly Services, Little Employment Group Inc., Manpower, McIntyre Management Resources, Nationwide Employment Agency, Spherion, (TPI ) Trebor Personnel Inc., SkillTech, Today’s Staffing, Office Team, Olsten Employment Services, Path Employment Services, Prostaff Personnel Inc., Skilltech -- A Division of AHR Industrial Temporary, Spherion Workforce Architects, Staffit, Telco Technical Solutions Inc., Trans-United Consultants Ltd., Transport Help Driver Service, Van Hees Personnel Inc., A & A Personnel, Accountemps, Alternative Human Resources, A Q Personnel, Can Work Corp., Ian Martin Limited, Office Team, Olsten Staffing Services, Skill Tech a Division of Temporary Industrial, TDM Technical Services, Transport Help Driver Service, Trebor Personnel, Ultimate Staffing, Academy of Learning Computer & Business.

These are Nazi/Scientology Corporation owned, controlled, or Scientology member owned companies:

Air Canada (whose president is Milton), (Scientologists in Canada named a town after him), Chapters Bookstores, MacDonalds Restaurants, Wal-Mart Stores, Mohawk College, Trios Technology Training Centers and their testing sites, Sheridan College, McMaster University, Toronto School of Business, Royal LePage Real Estate, Home Depot Stores, Business Depot Stores, Caterpillar Financial (Oakville, Calgary, Nashville), Pangeo-Pharma, CST (this company located at 700 Dorval and 710 Dorval, Calgary and Trinidad monitors banks -- is this legal?), Millennium Care Inc., Med Broadcast, Blast Radius, (a web design company which hosts Med Broadcast, Nike and others), Intermec/Unova -- Mississauga, Seattle, A T & T, Cogeco, Global Television, Global Newspaper, Workopolis job web site, all Internet based job websites, Sprint ISP, Primus ISP, Lara ISP, D.S. Handling, Questica, UPS Courier, Experion, Amex, Toe Kwon Do, The Barn, Food Basics, Comstock, Crime Stoppers Franchises, Royal Laser, Sterling Honda, Halton Honda, Orion Products Crop., Antares Corp., Natural Choice, CITI, Kelsey's Restaurants franchises, Pink Elephant Networking Services, Ontario Energy Savings Corp., KPMG, Clarica, Microsoft Mississauga, Microsoft Seattle, Chem-Dry franchises, CNC Global Employment Agency, Interac, AMAX, Workopolis job site (for all newspapers and all Canadian companies), Jobshark website, Can West Global, Service Master, Rogers, A T & T, Mandarin Restaurants, Alliance Health Care Professionals, Halton Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic, Health and Wellness Care Centre, Ambassador Coffee Service, Mocrosystems Inc., Access Information Services, Accpac Oakville, Sheridan College, At Home Internet, At Home at Work Computers, Balgord Inc., Bedrosian Consulting Corp., Bliss Technologies, Bredet Services Inc., Business Computer Network Inc., CAD-CAM and Unix Consultants Inc., CAS Compact Solutions Inc., Celestine Technologies Inc., Computer Report Systems, Cygnet Information Systems Inc., DBM Systems Inc., DSG Information Solutions, Primus, Sprint, Lara ISP, dbtuneup database consultants, Design Recovery, DIGITALFIRE Computing, Dolfin Com., Don Caster Office Services, Duncan System Specialists, Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Drs. Marcarian, Stirling Furniture, A-1 Antiques, Apple Auto Glass, Apple Employment Agency, London Telecom, British Telecom, AT Automotive, Oakville Entertainment Centrum, The Gym, Ferrone Fitness Centre, CISCO, CAN AM Immigration Services, Belair Direct, High Risk, Affiliated Insurance Management, Fair Insurance, Vince Tomeson Dickerson, Ten Star Financial Services, Powell Insurance Brokers, Pearson Insurance Brokers, Tripemco Insurance, Spriggs Insurance, Elizabeth Interiors, Canada's National Investigation Agency, Protec Building Maintenance Inc., Manning Jewellers, Canac Kitchens, Kitchen Design Plus, Oakville Ceramic Tile, Oakville Kitchen Centre, Appleby Landscape, DalAllegra, Martin & Hillyer, Airport Services, NAV Canada, Mattress Liquidators, CMS Credit, Country Wide Van Lines, Robertson Moving and Storage, Earthlink, Scanell Moving and Storage, Guargian Group of Funds, Heinen, Bronte Natural health Clinic, Roste Group, We Care, Trafalgar Village, Summit Painting, Shred-IT franchises, Walton Paving Ltd., Walton Pools, Burl-Oak Paving, Guargian Pest Control, Apotex Pharmaceutical, Wal-Mart, Air Canada, IPMG, Pearson Insurance, Comstock, Gerrard Ovalstrapping, Moores Clothing Stores, Royal Laser Tech. Corp, RBC Investments, Can West Global, Can West Airline, Apotex, MacDonald’s, Tim Horton's, Jack Astor's franchises, Clarica, ATS, MER (Health Emergency Response Units), The Brick, Mark's Work House, Telus, Toy's-R-US, Chubb Security franchises, PASWord Security and all security companies, Meadowlands, Meadowvale Residential development, Crime Stoppers franchises, D.S. Handling -- Grimsby, Questica , all security companies, all health care and financial institutions, Loews Vanderbuilt Hotels, Ontario Energy Savings Corporation.

Nazi/Scientology Corporation owned or controlled Security companies:

Chubb Security franchises, and Chubb Financial franchises, A-1 Security Systems, A Protection One Security, AA Golan Alarm, AA Welco Protective, AAA Nes Alarms, AAA MX alarms Inc., AM Wass Electronic Security, A-! Protection Services, ADT Security Services Canada Inc., alarm Bridge Inc, Alarm Systems of Canada, Golan alarms, CanGuard, Protection One, Welco Protective Devices Inc., NES alarms, MX Alarms, Alarm- Tech, Alarm Force, All Nite Security Systems Inc., Alliance Security Systems, O & B alarms, Basic security Systems Limited, Bell Guardian, Cocirn Control Systems Inc., Microtec, EKO Security Systems, Custom Home Service Installations, DG Godfrey Communications, EKO Security 18, HR Protection, Lynden Security Systems Inc., Fire Protection Services, Parkwood Security Systems, Fist Security Ltd., Homeguard Canada, Honeywell Protection Services, Interac Alarms Inc., Nutech Security Systems Ltd., PAD Security Products, parkwood Security Systems, PASWord Protection Services, Pro tech Lock and Security, Protection One., Secur-U, Security Advisory Service, Security Headquarters Ltd., Securitylink From Ameritech, Superior Lock and Safe, Superior Security Canada Inc., VIP Security Alarms Inc., Voxcom Security Systems, Cablecom Int's Network Cabling, Brant Telephone, Catech Systems Ltd., CCS Cable Control systems, Deatech Systems Inc., Inside Wire, Multiview Locates Inc., Network Cabling Services Ltd., State Group Limited the, Wallace and Associates Corp., Stirling and Associates Human Resources Services and Security Services, Network and Co., Bell Express Vu., Look Communications, Star Choice, Cogeco, PowerSonic Industries Inc., TelPlus, Telus, Division Technologies, Novadata Information Systems Inc., Paragon Technologies, Pedifox Computer Systems Ltd., Pine Coast Software Inc., Quick Solutions Incorporated, Intermec/Unova, Software Metrics/Equitrac (Software Metrics/Equitrac, RCM Technologies-IT, Sequel Process Design, Skytech Computer Consulting inc., Softfocus, Solid CaDDGroup Inc., Stalworth Technologies Corp., (TCS Canada monitors banks' servers illegally and electronically redirects money into their own accounts), TL Microsystems Inc., Unikoan Inc, Velvet Software Systems, yellow Data Clarity, Akran Networks, CBL Data Recovery Technologies, A-1 electronics Parts, Arco Computers, IT Exchange Inc., Astra Graphics, Automated Design Systems, Drafting Clinic Canada, Envisioneering 3D Multimedia, MKR Productions, Torgon Industries Inc., VCR Active Media, Virtek, Autocad, ACDL Computers, Access Computer Services., Ontim Investments Ltd. ,Germania Club, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Burlington Social Club, South Service Road, Ontario, Canada.

High-tech invisible, psychological warfare and unregulated experiments including radiation experiments and biological agents are being used on Canadian civilian citizens, and mind-altering weapons, radio-frequency weapons, and electronic mind control is being used on a wide scale.

Instead of butchering a population physically, they can now manipulate the public mentally, virtually enslaving their thoughts. Scientology Corporation now controls this technology and that gives them the power to control the minds of men-all men. This is in flagrant violation of civil liberties.

Scientology has been using on Canadian citizens the RF and EMF weapons, thought-influencing technology, aerial mind control in which radio-frequency broadcasts carry subliminal patters that entrain the listener’s brainwaves into a pre-selected emotional state, EMP guns capable of forcing a car to stop by disabling its electronic systems, causing accidents on highways; neuro-electromagnetic energy, low frequency acoustic propagation, ultrasound and voice-FM, hypersonic sound, ultrasound projection systems capable of ventriloquism at a distance, through-wall radar systems, an enhanced version of computer speech recognition, thought-reading devices - with EEG waves being substituted for sound waves: mining the thoughts, human electronic device implantation for the purposes of two-way communication with the brain, low frequency radio wave technology capable of simulating the brain's own electromagnetic current and produce a trance-like state, fatigue attack weapons, psychotronic weapons used to 'force wake,' communication based on the microwave auditory effect, non-ionizing radiation, sonic transduction of microwave energy, thermal guns capable of heating the body to 105 F and 107 F, seizure guns capable of inducing epileptic-like seizures, magnetophosphene guns capable of using a biophysical mechanism which evokes a visual response centered in the retina leaving their victim sightless, synthetic telepathy, Pavlovian hypnotic triggers, brain entrainment technology, pulsed microwave voice-to-skull transmission, mind altering microwaves, manipulating body and mind by satellite, ultrasound signals, which can be transmitted through the air or piggybacked on to radio/TV signals, subliminal 'silent sound' techniques and psychoacoustic frequencies.

Stationary and mobile land units with electronic offence systems (many housed in large trucks), shipboard and airborne models as well as space-based technology are used for this purpose.

Cloning of emotions: using supercomputers, they analyze human emotional EEG patters and replicate them, then store these 'emotion signature clusters' on another computer and, at will, 'silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being,' forcing people to commit suicide, and induce physical and psychosomatic ailments. Electronically, and remotely they induce heart palpitations, anxiety and depression states.

Doctors then diagnose them as schizophrenics and recruit these individuals into the Nazi/Scientology party.

A secret culture sprang about which enable the players to implement and various developed techniques to cleverly circumvent the democratic processes and institutions.

The crime of murder calls out for punishment as a means of deterrence.

History must not repeat itself. Crimes committed have been so monstrous that they cannot be condoned. After the Second World War most Nazis got away without punishment. This time they must be punished.

We need a functioning legal system, where the facts are properly assessed. Our laws must be changed and these individuals must be considered guilty by association; guilty of murder and guilty of rampage and destruction.

There is no room in our world for bigotry; and bigots who are responsible for this must be jailed. A specific offender cannot always be identified for every crime on the law books, but certain acts are made criminal just the same.

Our criminal code penalizes those who willfully attempt in any manner to obstruct, prevent or deflect the course of justice. Yet, our police departments, our courts, some lawyers and judges have been doing just that. They prosecute victims, but let the criminals and the oppressors go free.

The social fabric of our society is in much greater danger of falling to shreds if the murderers of one organization were left unpunished due to perceived pressure by another. Much of what is wrong with our society is the result of a widespread of infiltration of our churches, schools and libraries and the necessary measures must be taken to excise those individuals and groups.

How many times does our civilization must suffer because of their cruelty? Countless atrocities have been committed against civilian population. It is morally imperative that Nazi/Scientology criminals be brought to justice. There must be a worldwide move to expose Nazi/Scientology individuals, groups and companies. The crime of murder calls out for punishment as a means of deterrence. Canada and other countries must remove the violators and their henchmen.

More than 50 years of inactivity has made Canada a haven for war criminals and they are now holding Canadians and our whole civilization hostage. These criminals destroyed forever the peace and tranquility of millions.

When it comes right down to the need for justice, it does not matter how many Nazi war criminals are residing in our country. One is too many.

Canada, and other countries should have had a functioning mechanism in place. The principle of justice, should be reflected in Canada's laws.

Parliament passed legislation that the crime of mass murder is a criminal act. Killing several thousand U.S. citizens in an attack on U.S. is mass murder.

Our politicians and lawmakers must be held responsible for their continued inaction on Nazi and Scientology criminals.

A country cannot leave a gap in the system of legal protection. Each province or state must be ready and able to deal with the criminal at all times.

Scientology Corporation and its members must repay for wages lost, by those citizens who lost their jobs, not because of fault of their own, but because of actions taken by Nazi/Scientology cult members.

All Scientology 'churches' and meeting places should be closed permanently. Canada and other countries must follow Spain's example, the Scientology Corporation must be dissolved, the members must be held accountable, they must loose their possessions, their jobs, they must go to jail for destabilizing our civilization and must pay for their actions.

But if the law enforcement agencies are the criminals themselves -- then what do we do?

The information regarding the activities of the Nazis and Scientology Corporation must be made public. Their names, their photographs, their activities, the companies they own, how much wealth they have accumulated and the harm they have done to our civilization must all be made public.

This can only be done if publishing houses, radio stations, television stations form a coalition with its own law firm and the information is released simultaneously worldwide.

Once this information is made public, citizens will start to come forward with their own painful stories about cruel treatment and abuse by the Nazis, the Scientology Corporation and by its members. A worldwide class action lawsuit must be launched on behalf of these citizens. The Nazi Party/Scientology secrecy has been their strength; they must be exposed.

An attack on one is an attack on us all. Companies must start hiring older workers to provide a good mix of young and old. The older workers will teach the younger generation about history, social conscience and responsibility which is lacking in our society today.

I am hoping that before I die, I will see a promise of a just society.

We (Christians in war) are called to the hardest of all tasks; to fight without hatred, to resist without bitterness, and in the end, if God grant it so, to triumph without vindictiveness.


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