Tom Cruise, learning from the masters -- LOSES GAY LAWSUIT

03 Jan 2002

From the 1/8/2002 issue of the "National Enquirer":



Tom Cruise has suffered a devastating defeat--he's lost his much-publicized $100 million gay lawsuit.

What's more, a judge has slapped Tom with the bill--ordering him to pay defendant Kristina Slater nearly $28,000 to cover her legal expenses.

The superstar embarked on a "Mission Impossible" when he sued Kristina for giving The ENQUIRER an exclusive interview in which she said her marriage ended when her husband told her he had an affair with Cruise.

In one legal expert's opinion, the $100 million suit against Kristina appears to be part of an all-out campaign by the 39-year-old actor--using massive lawsuits and threats of lawsuits--to intimidate the press and stop cold any discussion of his sexuality in print.

"It's ridiculous," famed attorney Raoul Felder told The ENQUIRER. "Those aren't lawsuits--those are terror weapons!'



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