The Scarff Project: Dumping of illegally placed Scientology propaganda

9 Jan 2002

Garry <Garry_member@newsguy.com>

While walking on Wilshire Blvd. early last week, I noticed that neatly stacked piles of Scientology propaganda was placed on the seats at bus shelters (with much of then strewn around on the ground) and in the news bins of free publications that are commonly found in the Los Angeles area.

Several nights this week, I, with a few friends in tow spent hours walking up and down both sides of Wilshire Blvd., LaCienega Blvd., Melrose Ave, and Beverly Avenue excising stacks of illegally placed propaganda from these bus shelters and newspaper bins and depositing the cult propaganda in the appropriate receptacles: dumpsters.

The propaganda includes the "Clear Mind, Clear Body" paper publicizing the Purification Rundown, and a new circular which takes advantage of the September 11 tragedy to promote Scientology courses & counseling to assist "victims of terrorism." (Will the horseshit never end, Miscavige??)

I have corresponded with the companies that own the bins and have advised them that there materials were being emptied from their bins and replaced with illegally placed cult propaganda and that such illegal activity would not be taking place without the full support and appreciation of higher-ups in the Scientology cult.

I have also spoken to the City Attorney's Office who informed me that placing propaganda in privately-owned bins or left unattended at public bus stops without the consent of their owners was, in fact, illegal. Of coures, it is common knowledge to anyone that has crossed paths with this psychotic cult that there is no such thing as illegal activity when that activity serves the agenda of the cult.

As long as the scam artists continue to unload their shit into newspaper bins, I will continue to transfer them to area dumpsters.


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