SPT: Hubbardville

16 Jan 2002

Letters to the Editor
St. Petersburg Times
January 16, 2002


Just rename the city "Hubbardville"

As the Scientologists are buying up all of downtown Clearwater and much of the surrounding areas, I think we should rename the city Hubbardville. There is nothing "clear" left about it.

It has become the home of many zombies walking around, each with a beeper on them -- I guess so the mother ship can reach them whenever necessary -- and never a smile on their faces. They seem to be in another world of their own.

I, for one, am sure glad that there were enough smart people in this city to vote down the redevelopment project for downtown last year. It would only have made things look better for the Scientologists, as they are the only ones that go downtown anymore. And please, I don't need anyone writing or calling me telling me all about the wonderful things the Scientologists are doing or have done for this town. I have been here from the beginning. I know all of the underhanded, deceitful things they have done, supposedly in the name of religion. A true Christian religion doesn't have to resort to tricks and deceit. They have the Bible to rely on, not a man's science fiction fantasies.

-- Karen B. Gauvreau, Clearwater


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