Paedophile Scientology 'Clears;

14 Jan 2002

"Roland" <roland.rashleigh-berry@virgin.net>

So the Church of Scientology, under the leadership of the wheezing dwarf, David Miscavige, is producing paedophile Clears - Phil Chitester being a self-confessed example. I've heard of "Cleared cannibal" before but it took the wheezing dwarf squirrel to create the "Cleared paedophile". Would LRH have been proud of that? Would he have been proud of other achievements like no OT VII completions in 20 years? Is this what he set up to set mankind free?

At some point you Scientologists still inside the Church of Scientology are going to wake up to the fact that the current management of Scientology is destroying your Church. They are squirreling the tech and introducing squirreled processes. They have corrupted the glorious State of Clear into what it is now - a revolting and perverted corruption of the human state such that you obtain a Clear paedophile with no sense of remorse for their past actions. This squirrel, David Miscavige, and his SP cronies are pulling your church down and shattering the hopes of mankind to go Totally Free. Instead of Dianetics you sre being fed Black Dianetics.

Want to know why so many people have left Scientology? Well the public leave because they feel they are not getting Scientology. And as for the long term staff members who leave or drop off lines? Well they have left so that they can DO Scientology - in the freezone. The friends of LRH do not stay in the current Church of Scientology since it is a suppressive group at the moment and they know their ethics formulae. They know they must not associate with that group.


Clear Cognition: "I am mocking up my own reactive mind" ~$40,000 OT8 cognition: "Now I know who I am NOT and am interested in finding out who I am" ~$300,000


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