SPT: Letters to the Editor: Clearwater citizens given up?

5 Feb 2002

Letters to the Editors
St. Petersburg Times
February 5, 2002


Re: An Invitation to the Fort, story, Jan. 26.

I'm so angry I could spit! Opening the newspaper only to have shoved in my face something -- again -- about the Scientologists.

I applaud our new county administrator, Steve Spratt, for not attending; but I am disgusted that the Latvalas and our longtime, much-admired Sheriff Everett Rice attended. The Scientologists are involved in every aspect of the community in order to convert other clones, buy more time, buy respect, buy acceptance -- just like they bought up Clearwater.

I don't need an invitation to remember what a glorious hotel the Fort Harrison was, nor the black tie-only banquets, formal balls, holiday parties and the elegant doorman who seemed always to know your name. I remember the hustle and bustle of downtown Clearwater and its elegance. But it is a memory I shall cherish. . . . I wouldn't lower myself to enter that building of pagans.

I would be too embarrassed to even admit I had received an invitation, much less attend such a "Come hither, let's be friends" gala. Let it be known that this community has never, nor will it ever, become more accepting of this so-called church.

-- Dee Jackson, Palm Harbor

Community must not cozy up to cult

Re: An Invitation to the Fort, story, Jan. 26.

Has Clearwater given up? They sure act like it. Scientology, as owner of the Fort Harrison Hotel, has a public relations coup with the 75th anniversary of the county landmark. Some of our county "leaders" couldn't wait to cozy up to the cult. I guess they have conveniently forgotten about the thousands of lives the cult has ruined, the real estate scams, the infiltration of the public school system in the Boston area, the mysterious deaths, the harassment of members and former members.

The cult has battle fronts around the world. In France, Germany, Canada and many other countries they are fighting against the cult to protect their citizens. Here in Clearwater, if some of our leaders are any indication, we seem to have given up the battle.

Don't they know that the cult doesn't do anything unless it benefits? Why is it that Scientology doesn't want the press in the hotel? The cult hasn't changed, it has just gotten better at covering up its misdeeds. The rest of the world might look at the United States, see we have given up and wonder why they should fight. If a cancer invaded your body, wouldn't you do everything you could to fight it? Clearwater should not forget and not give up the fight.

-- David Rodman, Dunedin


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