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07 Feb 2002

Caroline Letkeman <carolinel@telus.net>

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DM and the rest of his asbestosized bucket brigade are micturating on the Wall of Fire. This ad appears on the inside front cover:

-=- start fair use quote -=-

You've heard it said countless times that there's a Wall of Fire to audit yourself through. Better stated, it is, in fact a Wall of Fire you must step ~out~ [italicized in original text] of. A Wall of Fire that has engulfed the lives--and the abilities--of every being on this planet, every day for 75 million years.

With the fourth dynamic engram now in full restim on Earth, more than ever you must drop what you're doing and get moving to the OT universe that lies beyond the Wall of Fire.

Your decision to go OT ~now~ [italicized in original text] will ensure you break through the 75 million year old catastrophe that has put man in MEST's grip ever since.

Take this one chance to go free. NOW.

<end quote

MEST means (M)atter, (E)nergy, (S)pace and (T)ime, or, "physical" universe.

The 4th dynamic engram IS the Xenu incident. This is literally what scientologists "know" to be the sole cause of overwhelm and degradation on this planet. DM is telling his people that wogs® are beyond sanity and sane choices due to the Xenu incident, because they are fully in the grip of and are being overwhelmed by their BTs who are being overwhelmed by what happened to us all on this planet 75 million years ago.

To give this pathetic propaganda more context---the Advance! magazine is a promotion for scientologists to get onto all the available services at AO (up through OT 5.) Whether or not the person has read Hubbard's scientifically researched OT 3 history lesson (and therefore "knows" the significance of volcanoes, the wall of fire, and the rest of it), the quote above undoubtedly serves to put more pressure and urgency on the person to get him/her to move along with their scn programming.

Interesting change in positioning, I thought. Earlier, Hubbard had two walls of fire going--NOTs (New Era Dianetics for OTs) having leapt into flame ca 1978, ten years after the knocked out but alive Hubbard emerged from the first wall. Now I guess they just have the one wall to "get out of." Among other possible reasons, eliminating the doubled "wall of fire" imagery would tend to obfuscate the idea (for those at OT 3 and 4) that the NOTs band is just more cling-ons, which is of course what it is.

The image that goes along with this new idea <walloffire1.jpg depicts a "wall of fire" on one side of earth and the OT realm on the other side. There is the obligatory rocket ship going from a fiery side of the planet to a brilliant white and somewhat rainbowed zone on the far side of Teegeeack (what Earth was called back then.) The "demo" in this imagery is that of a person identifying with a rocket going to "OT," or "rocketing to the OT universe."

There is a new, different image in very recent scn promo, which I will also attach here. <walloffire2.jpg It is a stylized rendition of what appears to be the view of a fiery Teegeeack from Mars or a red, mars-like planet. (Or it could be a naval orange on a billion year contract. The buzz is that Heller and DM were running a garrison mission on Mars at the time--and they finally just declassified this photo (sh) op image.) On the other side of Teegeeack is a chromed OT symbol. "Mars" is depicted as a desert planet--perhaps to dovetail with a spy writer's new dimensions to the by-now tired and blown Teegeeack tale. The OT symbol, for example, would be in the direction of Venus, that planet of locomotives and Venusian goddesses such as Flavia Julia (in her former life.)

This new image <walloffire2.jpg gives an added new dimension of a fiery planet which, apart from the literal planet that was being globally overwhelmed by volcanonuclear catclysms, could encompass a more generalized antipathy to things material. (Command intention being, of course, to relieve members of things material. See also Hubbard's article in the 1954 Golden Dawn publication on the subject of materialism and the length of time it takes to clear a wealthy man vs a poor one.) Another aspect to this "correction" in imagery is that a planet experiencing "terrific winds" may have had a more fiery appearance overall than has been depicted in earlier propaganda images. See also http://www.entheta.ca/caroline/index.pdf (Search that pdf for "Golden Dawn" or just go to page 145.)

And yes, let's add a little emphasis to the propaganda aspect of these new images. DM and his propaganda minions will pound these pix into the psyches of their members, exactly as per Hubbard's instructions on how to propagandize. The propaganda weapon that DM is currently using is his "Answer the call" button. He's got more calls being answered than Ernestine the Operator, but at least with Ernestine there really is a party with whom I'm speaking.

I think DM's getting everyone else to answer the call is to cloak the fact that he's not answering it. If he's got everyone else answering this "call" (have you heard it by the way?) they'll all miss his big withhold, that he's afraid completely to answer the call.

I have absolutely irrefutable proof that DM has not answered the call, in fact the many calls. If any of you have any proof that DM or anyone answered these calls, I would love to see it. Until any Scientologist shows up with proof that DM has answered, or even *is* answering the call, I will consider each one of you a participant in this monstrous, dangerous criminal enterprise. Your leader is too afraid to answer the call.

That is the clear and inarguable VFP of all those millions of people doing all those billions of hours of $cientology. People who will get people who will get people to answer the call to cover the fact that they're not up to answering the call themselves.

The new "wall of fire" positioning complies with DM's "Answer the call" device as well. From the same Advance! issue:

<start fair use quote If ever there were a time to drop everything you're doing and get moving on The Bridge, it is right now. Only Clears and OTs will survive this planet. After Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center's "Wake-Up Call: The Urgency of Planetary Clearing" (see Advance! 156), Scientologists by the thousands across the Americas did, in fact, get the message. Here are stories of those who have answered the call and are moving up and out of the trap to the universe of Operating Thetan.

(article title:) answering the CALL to OT <sic


He was mid his OT Eligibility Check when he received his Wake-Up Call. If there were any doubt he'd get himself to OT--and get there fast so he could bring others with him--it ended right there. Steve Depaoli knew he was on the right track as he embarked on his OT levels. In just a few short months, he has soared on his Advanced Courses and is about to get started on his OT III auditing. [...]

<end quote

Get how this scientologist recounts when and where he "received his Wake-Up Call," as though it was some sort of divine occurrence. Wake-up calls implying divinity on the business end can only mean one thing in scn--DM is postulating himself a promotion.

© 2002 Caroline Letkeman


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