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19 Mar 2002

HR-Defense@aol.com (Human Rights Defense (ShyDavid)) writes:

One of my web pages (redux.htm) has the following URL descriptive link on it:

Abstracts of Articles in Psychological Journals concerning est and The Forum: considered by some people to be spin-offs of Scientology.

Someone claiming to be a lawyer representing Landmark Forum has sent to my previous mailing address a package containing some very freaky propaganda (the vast majority of which I have mailed to Rick Ross unread), chief of which is that Landmark Forum is not connected to Scientology. It also contained a vague "ceist and desist" threat, expecting me to remove the link's descriptive text. Obviously I have no intention of changing the link's descriptive, since all of my research shows to a high degree of confidence that, in my opinion, Landmark Forum is indeed a spin-off of Scientology / Hubbard's insanity.

The alledged lawyer insists that Landmark Forum does not use "LRH Technologies:" no where on my web site did I state it does. The alledged lawyer also stated that Landmark Forum is not connected to Scientology: no where on my web site did I state it is.

jimdbb@aol.com (JimDBB) responds:

Landmark Forum tried to sue cynthia Kisser ( the ED of CAN) for calling EST-Landmark a cult. They got a court order to let them go through the CAN Files which had been put under Court Seal. I spent two days in a warehouse while two Landmark attorneys went through 360 boxes of CAN Files. after that they gave it up.

This scene was surreal. Myself and a private investigator represented CAN, two attorneys for Landmark and four scientologists. Two scientologists on the first day were teen age girls. One made a Maria Callas entrance and walked right up to me and said..."So, you are into kidnapping and deprogramming"

The second day there were two guys, Joe Lewis and Larry somebody...Chicago area scientologists. At one point the Larry somebody guy was trying to taunt me and I finally got irritated and said, " OK, I'm going to tell you what the secret OT courses are all about ( I knew from his jabber that he hadn't taken them)." Whoa! Larry froze on the spot. Quivering , he started backing up and with his finger pointing at me he said," You're...you're and enemy." And he backed right out of the room. It was scary to see someone that programmed. I backed of of my threat at once.

Landmark is trying to intimidate you with the usual blustering letters.



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