Stirring the unquiet (and burned) bones of Stacy Moxon.

08 Apr 2001


A few days ago someone in scientology mentioned what great work Kendrick Moxon was doing in Florida. Of course, he is working for the cult which (I am next to certain) sent his daughter to her death in a hot transformer vault.

I sincerely think the cult has conspired with the corrupt DA in Riverside to cover up or prevent discovery of what led up to her death. The bogus case against me and the project to get me arrested for failure to appear may be part of that effort.

Think about it. How likely is it that anyone in the high security environment of "gold base" could walk out in the open, pull a 230 pound manhole lid off, carry a ladder to the hole, place the ladder and enter--unobserved by "Eagle" and the base's guards?

Moxon's kid was as brainwashed into the scientology mindset as they come. She would have known for certain that entering a transformer vault (which was feeding critical systems, maybe even DM's house) on her own would have resulted in serious punishment, being sent to the RPF or even the RPF's RPF. Taking orders is expected, taking initiative of this kind is not.

Also, ask yourself, how likely is it that she could fail to show up for work on time in this highly regimented environment, not be noticed as missing at once, and trigger an immediate security alert and search?

But if Stacy was on duty, "on post," carrying out an assigned duty to check the vault for ground squirrels (especially with at least one other person with her and notice to Security), then these difficulties vanish. Two people would have no problem pulling the lid off. And even if Stacy was strong enough, placing the wooden step ladder in the vault would have been extremely difficult for someone of her size. (You would have to lie flat on the vault lid, dangling the ladder from your hand and trying to open it.)

There must be a dozen people who know what really happened. Almost certainly Stacy fell off the unstable and poorly placed ladder into the hot wires as she was trying to enter the vault. Someone, ultimately David Miscavige, sent her into a hot vault and to her death. Then, using the cult's discipline on its members, they quickly fabricated a story to hang the entire responsibility on Stacy who could not speak in her defense. They even got away with claiming she was not "on post" at a point in time when she had to be. *This converted negligent homicide or even 2nd degree murder into an "accident" entirely the fault of the victim.*

One day, one of those who knows will get out and talk about what caused Stacy's death the way Tory Bazazian has been talking about her part in the WIS spam attack (the "ARSBOMB"), and the Sporgery flood.

In the meantime, I could use help in the form of signed declarations from former Sea Org people, especially those who have been at Gold, as to the unlikelihood of the "shore story" that Stacy got into the vault on her own, and the likelihood that she was sent in on orders. Especially helpful would be material on the Security measures there that would have insured that anyone who didn't show up on post could not have been walking around in the open with a ladder unseen by "Eagle" and undetected by other security.

The object is a press release and a press conference in Riverside within the next week or so.

Keith Henson


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