Scientology computer felonies -- Setting Up The Secret Accounts

09 Apr 2001

NOTE: For backgroun into these Scientology felonies, check out google using the search word "sporgery" and then check out Tory's web site at http://www.torymagoo.org/

mistmagoo55@aol.com (Mistmagoo55)

OSA 101, Part 6, Setting Up the Secret Accounts

Ok, so now we are up to the accounts. How did this happen?

Well, at first I was asked to go to various areas and cities. The main ones I remember were: Chicago, Dallas, Wisconsin, and Las Vegas, and possibly Houston, although I am not sure.

As I have said, the very first account I opened was on Wilshire Bvd. here in LA, CA. Some have asked me if I went with another girl. No I didn't.

I wasn't sure of the date, but Bob told me the first one that occurred was in 1996. I am almost positive that was set up by me. Bill had asked me to open an account, and after said, "You have made Internet History. This has never been done in the history of the Internet". Now he wouldn't tell me what had actually occurred, and at the time since I knew nothing of computers I was fine not to hear it. ISP's sounded like Martian talk to me.

He had given me some money, and an address to go to. He told me usually this occurs via the mail, or Internet, but we needed to push through and open it up live. So I went, and knocked on the door about 4 in the afternoon. An Oriental man came out and looked surprised. I told him whatever Bill had said to say "I need to open an account" basically. He told me normally people send in by mail, or call in with a credit card. I told him I didn't use credit cards, and that I needed to open it up today. I gave him some fake name, address, and phone number, and the cash, and that was the beginning.

Then quite a bit of time rolled on, with Bill doing things on ARS, but I wasn't really involved, except for the cruising the Internet, looking for OT material. As I have said before, basically since I knew very little about the Internet, I would do one basic search. I would type in "NOTS" and look around. Almost always if it came up, this one address would pop up first: http://www.xenu.net! I would call Bill and sometimes OSA and tell them, "you have to get this guy off of here~ He has TONS of stuff about Scientology on this site". (Remember, as I was told by OSA two people I knew had 'gone crazy' reading the Internet, I never actually read anything on Andreas's site until well after I left Scientology). Of course nothing happened, except later down the line Andreas came to my rescue, and has become one of my very best friends. J

Later (I think it was in '97) Bill asked me to help on a very secret project. He told me it was HIGHLY confidential, and I was chosen to help out. I was used to highly confidential things from being on their second to the highest secret top level for 7 years, so I said, "OK".

We drove over to the HGB (Hollywood Guarantee Building) which is where all of the senior International Exec's are located.

(of course there is Gold, out in Hemet, where to top dogs are located, but at the HGB are the exec's who run the C of S Internationally.)

We went up to one of the top floors to OSA INT, being escorted as always. A man named Gavino came out, and we were introduced. (Recently someone asked me his last name and I found an old Commendation chit from the Internet I/C, Gavino Idda, but at the time and as long as I knew him, he was just known as "Gavino"). Gavino is a medium height, thin, brown haired Italian with a true Italian accent and identity. Having never seen him before in my 30 years in Scientology, my guess was he had come recently from Italy to OSA INT, but that was never confirmed.

Bill had been my auditor and friend for 20 plus years, so I trusted him more than really almost anyone at this point. Bill told me I needed to read and sign a waiver. Scientology is big on secret things, and waivers both in the "church", and in WISE. For years I had signed my life away consistently on special projects no one could know about, or OT levels that were top secret.

I read it and it spoke of this being a top-secret project, unknown by most all of Scientology staff. It spoke of how anyone signing this could never, ever, ever talking to anyone EVER about any of this. I couldn't tell my auditor, an ethics officer, any of the staff of C of S, many of the execs. This was a top, top-secret project. I was worried this sounded like it may be similar to the old GO (Guardian's Office) type of stuff, which of course ended up with 9 people going to jail, the entire GO being disbanded, and members sec-checked to death to this day, having to of course pay for every hour of it.

Sec-checking is this church grilling you for your crimes, or unethical things you may have done. It is considered "cleaning you up" but when you get to these OT levels with the BT's and Clusters (spirits hanging around you supposedly), of course it can be endless as "they" may read on Scientology's electronic meter on anything, literally. (For more information on how this works, see http://www.xenu.net/ OT3 or http://www.lisatust.net re OT 7's Speaking Freely).

Bill told me emphatically that "NOTHING WE WILL EVER DO IS ILLEGAL. All you are doing, Tory, is opening up Internet accounts in various people's names. There is nothing illegal about that." Now again, you have to keep in mind how much I trusted Bill. As I have posted, he was not only my good friend for 30 years, but he had been my trusted auditor for OT 4, 5 and OT 6 set-ups. He is a highly trained auditor and a Senior C/S. I honestly was positive he would never do anything illegal, or even bad.

I still think he 'thinks' the spamming, lying, etc that he has done on ARS for 7 years isn't illegal, or even unethical. In his view, he is fighting for his religion, and whatever needs to happen to "save" it is fair, at least I am pretty sure this is how he feels. If he has the courage, he can clarify it exactly. I do not say that lightly, for I am quite sure his ass is on the line at this point, and it would take a great deal of courage to speak out. However, many have before me, and most of them were all by themselves.

I didn't feel too good about not being able to tell anyone, as at the level I am at there are serious security checks where this kind of thing would definitely come up, and if you understood the upper levels, as I said almost anything can "read" or to them mean there IS something you did. All of this costs time and money, neither of which I was too keen on wasting.

Bill assured me there were excellent, "special" auditors at Flag who could and would handle anything I needed. With that, I signed it. This was all with the agreement that IF I did tell anyone at all about any part of this at all, I had to pay $10,000 I think, or maybe $100,000. I cannot remember, but I remember just deciding never ever to tell anyone a thing, and I haven't until telling the entire world here. There is a point where one realizes these kinds of secrets are not healthy.

Ok, so now I was signed up. At first it was Bill, a girl with a nick of Lizzyapple (liz), and someone named Carlene, and of course Gavino from OSA INT. Carlene (I think that is her name) was an exec at CC years ago, and now uses a cane. I only mention that as maybe someone will know who she is. I believe she also opened up accounts, as did Liz.

Later Jim Klurgis joined (an OT 8, FSM here in LA) and a man named CJ who I really liked too. They both may very well be still posting on ARS, as well as Bill, and at OSA was Lynn Farney who is on the Internet project. I am not sure what all these other people did, as I wasn't told. They were just "part of the project".

I think the first place I went was Chicago. I flew in and it was a disaster. Bill had pulled off of the Internet a list of ISP's, however none of them would answer. Basically I finally found some open, went there, told them I wanted to open up an account, and gave them a cashier's check, which I would purchased at a local convenience store. We always used local phony addresses and phone numbers as well as phony names so it couldn't be traced. As it was hard to find places open in Chicago, and they were miles and miles apart, we decided I should head north and find more local ISP's.

Then I rented a car and drove all around Wisconsin. I met some wonderful people up there, and later when I realized how they were getting screwed, I really felt bad. Again, I would just find Internet providers, go in, and tell them I didn't use credit so I am coming in person. They always seemed a bit put off, but would have me fill out some paperwork and take my cashiers check. I would have called them anonymously prior to find out exactly how much it would cost.

Each trip OSA paid for the airplane ticket, the hotels I stayed in, my food, and expenses. I was given so much cash to use for food, and hotels. In Las Vegas I snuck in and heard Bill Gates with 7,000 other techies. I think I knew at that meeting that my destiny had to do somehow with techies and computers, although I would have never guessed in one million years how!

Ok,,,,,so move down the line. I never really knew what was going on re Lizzy and Bill, but there was some serious friction. She had come on after me, but had been working closely with Bill on the back end stuff (I think she was opening accounts at first, and later moved into some of the spamming). I was told most of the computer stuff was done from some highly trained people on the East coast. Finally one day Bill told me I didn't need to fly around any more. They had figured out how to do it from one location.

I was sent over to Lizzy's apartment in Glendale. She and I went upstairs and here was a huge room with 4 or 5 computers on one long desk. Get the picture of one long desk along a wall, and 4-5 computers on it. That is how it looked. Again, you have to realize still I had no idea what all they were doing with these accounts. They had told me they were "handling the SP's". Fine. The most

I had seen was Bill posting on ARS, and IRC. He would show me various posts, and due to no experience with computers, I found it odd and just not something I was really interested in. Bill was very interested in all of this, and as I have posted, was working on it in the morning, in the evening, and on much of the week-end.

Now I am pretty sure what went on with the computers at Liz's house was just one operation, as Bill had told me the majority of "stuff" (computer stuff) occurred from the East coast. I have no idea if this is true or not, and he told me they would never tell me, so I would never be bothered with depositions. To someone reading this they may say they cannot believe one wouldn't insist on knowing what was going down. However, keep in mind you are looking at it from the viewpoint of knowing some seriously bad stuff went down.

To me I trusted Bill, and actually even OSA at that point, and as a 'church' I was positive they would never make the same mistake they had previously with the GO. Also, they really make the "other side" out to be these horrible people who will do anything to harm you. So frankly, I didn't want to know more than was needed. Also, not having a clue re computers, I was quite sure I wouldn't really understand it anyways. So to continue….

Now I am in Lizzy's house. She tells me the new plan. Call up Seattle. Find an ISP, and get their phone number. Call them and make sure they will if need be take a money order due to circumstances. Then call up a post office box place and order a mailbox, and get the address. They would say we couldn't use it until they received our check, and we would say fine. All we needed was an official address.

We would explain we were opening this up for our Uncle, or sister, or whomever. Lizzy had phone books from the areas they wanted these signed up in, so we could look and just randomly pull out a phone number. Then we would call the ISP, tell him the story, give him the phony address, phone number, and name of our "uncle", and tell them we were sending them a cashier's check made out to whatever they wanted.

We usually purchased 3 months at a time, unless they would only give us one month. Some of these ISP's had a one month free, but we actually wanted to pay them. Later I realized why, as if we took the free month, they could cancel it easier. At least this is what I think was the reasoning.

Of course ALL of this was done on phone cards, so nothing could be traced AT ALL. Security was of the highest concern here. If we ever called each other, we had phony names even then "incase the SPs are tapping our phones". Gavino was "Jack". If I e-mailed Bill, I always told him I was going to set up another "party".

That was my own code for this deal. But all this time, I really was trusting Bill that this was totally legal. Suddenly while at Lizzy's I started to get the picture.

I still don't know what exactly she would do, but I could see her flying from one computer to the next, doing something. She was extremely hyper and excited about whatever she was doing. I remember thinking how odd this all of this was turning out to be.

I was starting to get the picture something much different than I thought, at least from my moral code, was going down.

In the evenings I started to pop onto ARS and look. That is when I saw all of the communications of people being altered, changed, etc. Words were being scrambled, changed into other things, etc. I remember asking Bill, as it seemed like it would be so obvious it was coming from C of S. He told me they were doing the same in many different Newsgroups, so it would have the appearance of being from "just some hacker".

Being a firm believer in Freedom of Speech, I was very much against that. However, I was in pretty deep at this point, as you can see. I will post my exit from this group in OSA part 7.

So that is how I opened the accounts. I think Lizzy and the other girl I mentioned also opened them up, in different locations. As OSA tries to keep people in the dark, I never heard what they were doing really.

I cannot say enough how sorry I am for hurting so many people's lives having set up these accounts. I promise you, had I known from the beginning what was actually going down, I would have never, ever contributed to this in any way. But ignorance is never really an out. So I stand here before each of you, saying yes, I did what I did. I wasn't made to do it. I did it. I am accountable, as best I can be.

I know there are many questions each of you has, and I am sorry if there are certain names or specifics I do not know. I know OSA will deny this and say I am lying. They have to. But OSA, both staff and volunteers, keep in mind one thing: People are leaving your group almost daily. It is very uncomfortable to sit with lies such as these. All I need is one of those spammers to leave and tell the "rest of the story", and you are toast. So I suggest you don't lie, in court. But that is a bit of an oxymoron at this point, isn't it?

Again, to each of the critics, whose words and communications were altered and changed, I am sorry. But I am here to say to you, yes, your perceptions were correct. This was (and probably still is) being run directly out of Church of Scientology, OSA International. Their address is,

Church of Scientology, OSA INT Att: Gavino 6331 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, Ca 90028.

Their main phone number is (323) 960-3500, unless they have changed it since I last posted it. Remember, only Gavino and Lynn know about this project, at least that I know of at OSA INT. Of course there may be many more people, but only time will tell on that one. As you have seen by the waver I had to sign, many of the Staff of Scientology know nothing about this secret inner criminal mafia run by Gavino and done mostly by public. How convient they do it this way, eh? That way IF people have to get nailed, guess who will? You got it, the public!

To the ISP's who were so badly effected by this, I cannot tell you how sorry I am that I trusted these people that their actions would be both legal and moral. They were not, and I can only say to each of you I am very sorry I was ever a part of this group. Telling this story is a bit scary for me, but I know in my heart the least you are owed is the truth.

To OSA and especially Gavino, you are doing EXACTLY what the Guardian's Office did, with the exact same justifications. You say this is for your "church". It is not. It is some weird, immoral (if not illegal) very bad game that you are playing that is both going to hurt your "church" and will have bad effects for years to come. Wake up!

To the OSA volunteers, all I can say is listen to your heart. I know the drill. You honestly think I am bad, and all of these critics are bad. You have been told they are religious bigots and you are standing there like Warriors, standing strong to protect your "church'.

It sounds so good when you are inside, it really does. You feel like you are doing such good, and being so "ethical' and honestly you think you are doing the best you can to help the group. It is a very insulated group, so even if they are reading each post, they are reading them from within the Truman show….and thus they don't see the wall!! All I can ask is that you think very hard back to when you first got into Scientology: Is this honestly what you thought you would be doing?

I wish you well, and I hope some of you come and tell all. It is very healing to get out of the secret jungle, and into the real world of honesty and truth.

Tory/Magoo - dancing out of the darkness
In for 30 years
Out for 8 months
SP 5
Free at last
(more info at http://www.xenu.net/Tory)


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