The Globe, 4/10/2001: 'Naked John Travolta made a gay pass at me!'

16 Apr 2001

Since this is no longer on the newsstands I figure I may as well go ahead and post the article.


[cover has picture of Travolta with headline:
"Exclusive tell-all
Naked John Travolta made a gay pass at me!
In a sauna --hunky exec's shocking charge"]


Sauna shocker
Gay hunk: John Travolta tried to pick me up!


A handsome young business executive claims that John Travolta made a gay pass at him while they were both in a health club sauna.

He says the superstar was totally naked and sexually aroused when he tried to pick him up.

"It was obvious to me from Travolta's mannerisms, the way he kept touching himself and the way he kept staring at me, that he was looking for a gay male to have fun with," says the executive, who asked that he be identified only as Mark.

"I am gay, and I can tell when someone else is gay, when they're attracted to me and when they're trying to pick me up."

In an exclusive interview with GLOBE, the 29-year-old executive revealed that his shocking encounter with the star of the hit movies Saturday Night Fever, Pulp Fiction and Michael began in the locker room of the Spectrum Club, a fitness gym in Valencia, Calif., at about 8:30 p.m. on Dec. 20. GLOBE has independently confirmed that Travolta, 47, made several visits to the club while filming the movie, Swordfish, in the area.

"I first noticed him when I was getting undressed," confides Mark, a three-year member of the club located about 40 miles north of L.A. "He stopped in his tracks to stare at me and was checking me out."

Mark finished undressing and then, naked except for a towel wrapped around his waist, he entered the steam room.

"I could see two other men sitting nearby through the swirling clouds of hot steam," he notes. "Five minutes later, one of the men left.

"The remaining man was sitting naked, facing me. When I looked up, I saw it was John Travolta. I was shocked to see his manhood sticking straight up in the air. I couldn't believe it. He was looking up my towel and between my legs. Then, he looked straight at me and our eyes met. He gestured with his head as if to say 'hi' and gave me a big smile.

"It was obvious to me that he was trying to hit on me." But Mark says he was revolted by Travolta's tubby body. "Travolta's manhood is very impressive," the executive reveals. "But he's in horrible shape. I was disgusted by his condition. He's flabby all over with rolls of fat on his big stomach and his arms are really skinny. He's also really hairy on his back, upper arms and chest.

"I couldn't stand to look at his body so I turned away and left quickly to go to the sauna next door."

Minutes later, says Mark, the actor--who plays a spy in the upcoming thriller--followed him into the dry-heat room, which was empty except for the two of them. "He insisted on sitting next to me with our legs almost touching and with his face about 12 inches from mine, so close I could feel his breath," the executive says.

"He looked straight at me and gave me another deep stare, then flashed his famous smile at me again. After a lingering silence, he asked me my name, age and if I was married."

They talked for about an hour, during which the actor appeared sexually excited and made suggestive gestures, Mark says.

"While staring at me with his blue eyes, Travolta kept moving his hand down to his crotch and touching his manhood and slowly swaying his hips," he confides. "He never took his eyes off me. It was clear to me that he was coming on to me."

Mark tells GLOBE that he kept on asking himself, "Why is John Travolta interested in a nobody like me? He's this huge international multimillionaire movie star who could be with anybody he wanted. Yet he was paying all this attention to ME! It was really weird.

"I suppose I should have been flattered. But to tell the truth I was disappointed--because of the horrible way he looked...the way he had let himself go.

"I think he looked terrific in his Welcome Back, Kotter days but seeing him at the sports club, all bloated and sagging, you would hardly know it's the same guy.

"When I met him, his hair was black, fairly short and swept back. And it was definitely receding. He's starting to look old--too old for me. I like guys a lot younger--and in much better shape."

For years, gay rumors have swirled about Travolta. But the actor has repeatedly denied them.

The talk was squelched when he married actress Kelly Preston in 1991 and they had a son, Jett, two years later. Preston, 38, gave birth to their second child, daughter Ella, 11 months ago. But the actor never mentioned his wife or family during the hour he spent with the younger guy in the sauna, Mark says.

"He told me he was in the area filming his new movie," Mark reveals. "I told him I was a big fan of his films and I loved watching them when I was a kid. He was pleased I liked his movies and was thrilled that Grease had been re-released and was a hit all over again. He said he was flying to Maine to spend Christmas, but never once mentioned his wife or children."

According to Mark, Travolta said he lived in Brentwood and had come to the gym with his personal trainer. The actor was in a state of sexual excitement much of the time they talked, says Mark and adds that Travolta "seemed very careful, as if he was trying to make sure he wasn't the one to make the first move."

But then, just as the actor was getting ready to leave the room, "he brushed his hand over my manhood where I was wearing my towel," Mark reveals. "He definitely seemed to be making a pass at me."

The executive says Travolta's action "made my flesh crawl. I was stunned and disgusted. I wasn't expecting behavior like that, especially from a Hollywood star."

Later, when Mark was taking a shower, he says "Travolta was in the stall opposite mine, still glancing over at me."

The younger man says he and the actor went to the locker room separately, where they changed.

Travolta was wearing sweat pants, a shirt and a baseball cap when he and his trainer walked out of the gym and left in a white SUV, says Mark.

"I think I can tell when someone is gay and when they're trying to pick me up," he adds. It was obvious to me that Travolta was trying to seduce me."

--David Thompson


[includes pictures:

1. Picture of Travolta, Kelly Preston and their kids with caption, "The movie star and his family: wife Kelly Preston carrying baby daughter Ella and Travolta with their son Jett."

2. Silhouette cutout figure of "Mark" with caption, "Mark admits he's gay, but says John Travolta's flabby body disgusted him."

3. Picture of health club with caption, "The Spectrum Club in Valencia, Calif., where Mark says he met Travolta."

4. Picture of Travolta.

5. Another picture of Travolta with caption, "Travolta [right] on the set of the movie Swordfish."]


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