Yep, 2001 is a 'great' year for Scientology

11 May 2001


Great for us, that is.

This Slatkin thing has been brewing for years, and now there's all this retrospective web editing by various parties, Poitras disappears from a picture, Wollersheim's back on track and the dwarf is gonna be deposed. And there was Bid's posting of the happenings in Sweden with the bombings and the assassination.

Amazing isn't it. You name any criminal topic, and Scientology is smack on the front line, entwined, imtermingled, ensconced. Tax evasion, assassination, bombings, extortion, ponzi schemes, theft, gov't infiltration, corruption, slander, harassment, frame-ups - and not just once ever and not just this short list.

Yeah, 2001 is gonna be a year Scientology will not forget in a hurry. More will unfold on May 16 with Keith and the cult better be hoping they haven't gone too far this time.

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"Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious... it is corrupt, sinister and dangerous." - Justice LATEY, London 1984 "Scientology as practised is in reality the antithesis of a religion" - Supreme Court Justice Crockett - Australia 1980


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