National Enquirer, May 21: Tom Cruise $100 Million Lawsuit, Porn Star's wife tells all

12 May 2001

National Enquirer
May 21, 2001

Tom's battle against gay smear. Porn star's wife tells all.

The wife of the gay porn star who's been sued by Tom Cruise has stepped foward with a startling story: Her marriage ended after her husband told her he was having an affair with Tom Cruise!

But an ENQUIRER investigation into Tom's $100 million lawsuit against porn actor & wrestler Chad Slater has uncovered that Slater was obsessed with Cruise, insisted to his wife and others that he had a long-term affair with Tom - yet never provided one shred of evidence to support his claims.

Despite his insistence, over the years none of the people he told about "his affair" ever saw Slater and Cruise together.

Cruise filed the lawsuit against Slater after he reportedly told a French magazine he'd had a gay romance with Tom. Cruise said in court papers the story contained "not a germ of truth" and he never even met Slater.

When contacted by the ENQUIRER, Cruise's attorney, Bert Fields, said Slater's story is "totally false. The man himself has denied it. I have a statement from him denying the whole thing."

As the ENQUIRER went to press, Cruise's attorney faxed us the statement from Slater denying that he ever told the magazine or anyone else he'd had an affair with the actor.

But Slater's wife and former agent say Slater told them he'd had an affair with Cruise that inluded trips to Hawaii and Las Vegas.

Slater - whose real name is Phil Notaro and who wrestles as Kyle Bradford - had been married to his wife Kristina for 12 years when he dropped the bombshell on her that he was seeing Tom Cruise, Kristina Notaro told the ENQUIRER.

"In 1999, Chad went through some drastic changes. We were apart a lot. I was editing a film and he was building a website focusing on his new hobby - wrestling. Then one day he came home bursting with news. Chad told me, 'Guess what! I just wrestled Tom Cruise!"

"He told me he was approached by Tom on the Internet. He said Tom saw his Kyle Bradford website and contacted him to wrestle. They met at the Century Plaza Hotel for a wrestling match in one of the rooms. From that point on, Chad was always walking to and from the Century Plaza Hotel where was meeting with Tom. Chad told me that Tom would take a hotel room uder an alias and place a bodyguard at the door. Then they would take mattresses off the beds and put them on the floor so they could wrestle."

"That year, my husband also went through a real physical transformation. Suddenly, he beefed up and was going to the gym all the time, and he started making wrestling films, but over time, I became suspicious about Chad and Tom's relationship."

"I'd say, 'Where were you tonight?' He'd say, 'I was over at the hotel with Tom.' Chad said he signed a paper where if he talked about his friendship with Tom, he could be sued. When I asked him where his copy of the paper was, Chad said, 'You don't think he's stupid enough to give me a copy?"

"Sometimes I'd come home and find him talking in low, secretive tones on the telephone. Whenever I asked him who it was, he'd say, 'Oh, that was Tom.' Then Cahd said he was recieving gifts from Tom. I'd see my husband wearing an expensive new shirt or jacket he claimed was given to him by Tom. Once, Chad was appearing in a play in West Hollywood and on opening night, someone sent him an arrangement of roses. The card was signed 'Bob' or something. My husband showed it to me and said that Tom sent him the flowers."

"In the end, my husband openly claimed he was having a sexual relationship with Tom Cruise. He said in a very hurtful, disgusting way to me that he was having oral sex with Tom Cruise. Finally, I'd had enough. I believe I lost my husband to Tom Cruise."

"Chad and I split up in January 2000. But we continued to interact after that. He'd get me to drive him to the airport say he was going away with Tom. One time he told me was going to Las Vegas and another time he told me he was going to Hawaii."

Despite her husband's claims, Kristina said she never saw Chad or Tom together or spoke with Tom on the phone. She never came across a shred of evidence that he even knew Cruise.

"I hadn't talked to Chad in months when he called after the story broke about him being sued by Tom," she told the ENQUIRER. "He sound terrified and was stuttering. I don't think he ever foresaw this whole mess happening. When I married Chad, I thought that one day he would become a Hollywood success. Who would have thought he would become famous as the guy who claimed to be Tom Cruise's gay lover?"

David Forest, Slater's agent for gay X-rated film roles in 1999 and 2000, told the ENQUIRER, "there were times Chad told me to block off certain 3 and 4-day periods because he had to go away with a boyfriend - a famous actor. One time, Chad told me he was flying to Hawaii to meet with his 'friend.' Finally, one day I said to him, "So who is this famous actor you are seeing?" Chad looked around sheepishly, then whispered, 'Tom Cruise.'"

"But, Chad can be real flaky. When he didn't feel I was representing him as my Number One client, he huffed off." Forest also never saw Slater with Cruise or found even a shred of evidence linking the two.

After Slater's story appeared in the French magazine Acustar, Tom had to file a lawsuit, he disclosed in court papers. Cruise's lawsuit says the public at large, "believing that he had a homosexual affair... will be less inclined to patronize Cruise's films, particularly since he tends to play parts calling for heterosexual romance and action adventure."


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