Greetings from Cannes Film Festival -- The Profit again

14 May 2001

tfcvp@aol.com (TFC VP)

Well, "The Profit" has made a big splash at the Cannes Film Festival....thanks to the cult of Scientology!

There are 4000 members of the press here in Cannes and the fact that Scientology has tried so hard to stop the film, we are getting far more "hard news" coverage than any new film at the festival.

Most of the press that we've talked to have "visited" the "The Profit"'s website ( http://www.theprofit.org ) and the bigotwatch.net site and are APPALLED at the lengths to which Scientology has gone in their efforts to condemn and suppress both the production and the release of this movie.

German TV, ZDF did quite an interesting piece on Peter and "The Profit" while capturing Peter's "tail" on film ( a person recognized to be a Scn by the good folks in Leipzig, Germany.) Then on Saturday, Le Figaro, one of the largest nationwide newspapers in France did a great article on the film and Scn's attempts to stop it. By Sunday, Europe 1, a nationwide radio show ran a great interview with Peter after attending the first screening of "The Profit".

On Sunday night, Scn showed its desperation by sending in an investigator to our hotel to forge Peter's signature and steal a delivery of trailer videos that had been sent from our office in the States. That turned out to be an interesting adventure with both the Cannes police and the Security for the Cannes Film Festival...since both informed us that they were VERY familiar with OSA and were MORE than interested in pursuing our complaint.

By this morning, Radio Monte Carlo, the biggest English speaking station in the area was at our hotel for a full report on the theft and ...of course, "The Profit". It appears that the combination of the Le Figaro article and the Europe 1 program delineating the extent that Scn would go to stop our film, followed by a show of their uncontrollable need to continue the harrassment and thus the crimes, the press coverage has reached an intensity that we were not prepared for.

More interviews are scheduled for tomorrow and the coming days throughout the remainder of the Cannes Film Fest. It's getting to be very exciting times for "The Profit"!!

So many members of the press all in one little town...not to mention the celebrities that abound!! Today I spent an hour with the good Reverend Jesse Jackson...explaining the cult of Scn and discussing ad nauseum the faith based initiatives (which he opposes). Rev. Jackson invited me to a screening of the documentary that he's involved with here and good ideas were exchanged.

Exciting times INDEED!!
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