Update from Cannes -- The Profit movie

19 May 2001

tfcvp@aol.com (TFC VP)

Greetings "PROFIT" fans!

The new feature film, "The PROFIT" is enjoying a media blitz at the Cannes Film Festival! Tonight on French national TV Channel 3, they will be doing a short piece on THE PROFIT and the attempts by Scn to stop the film.

France TV 3 filmed Peter and I for two entire days (much to the chagrin of our "tail") and will do a larger story in 3 weeks.

A reporter from Reuters who interviewed me said THE PROFIT was the only film at Cannes getting this much "hard news" coverage...so I guess we're doing okay for our "first time out of the shoot".

Oh, a news flash for those that were asking about SCN's theft of our shipment of film trailers: The Chief of Police, here in Cannes, is handling our case personally. He is very well versed in the Scn crime syndicate's operations and refers to our case as "the OSA Op" ;-)

The real scoop, though. is that our hotel's security system picked up the entire crime so they have provided a BUNCH of pictures to the police (including a video).

Here's the interesting twist: the "thief" who forged Peter's name at the front desk and walked out with the shipment, bears a REMARKABLE resemblance to Peter! Nice touch, OSA! This pissed off the Cannes Police to the max, in that this added detail makes the crime seem even more calculated!! Way to go OSA! This pulled in a whole new focus on the crime and the Police Chief is sending the photos to numerous law enforcement agencies as well as to the office of M. Alain Vivien in Paris (the French gov't anti-sect department).

Also, more news on Scn's feeble attempts to stop "THE PROFIT": we've received calls from a "fake distributor"...an American, using the name Mike Silverman, called on our European cell phone (how did he get the number?? :-)) and said he was a film distributor from Dallas, Texas with a company named Omni-view. Of course the company doesn't exist.

Way to go OSA...but we'd already anticipated Scn's plans to buy the film rights in order to SHELVE it......thanks for the offer...but we'll pass.

Meanwhile, REAL film distributors abound. They're all convinced that any film that gets this much media attention at its first screening will become a HOT property....and we're enjoying the ride.

Thanks to all for your emails and cheers.....be sure to keep an eye on THE PROFIT website: http://www.theprofit.org

Best Regards, Patricia Greenway


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