Hearing on Jesse Prince case May 21, 2001

21 May 2001


Today there was a hearing to dismiss the single misdemeanor marijuana possession charge against Jesse. I do not think the Judge will dismiss the charges and the case will go to trial Wednesday the 23rd. There was no decision from the Judge today on the motion to dismiss as there was a couple of unfinished issues to resolve. One of those issues was very interesting.

Officer Crosby of the Largo PD testified among other things that one or more acts committed by Gaston, the Scientology hired PI, were illegal and unauthorized by the Largo Police (Gaston got a list of acceptable acts and unaceptable acts from the Largo PD). Presumably these acts were in his role as a CI (confidential informant) for the Largo Police. Paul Johnson Jr., the son of the longtime Scientology attorney in CW, sprung to his feet to say that Gaston would not testify unless given immunity from prosecution. Gaston was put on the stand and pleaded the Fifth Amendment. However, Denis deVlaming countered that Gaston had already waived the possibility of invoking the Fifth Amendment since Gaston had already given testimony under oath in a deposition last week on the very same matters. Mr. deVlaming quoted the appropriate case law for the Judge and a ruling will be forthcoming.

I'm heading for CW to see the courtroom fireworks on Wednesday and Thursday. It should be a blast. Speaking of blasts, I hear the HH team in Toronto may make a surprise CW appearance for the trial. :-)

Bob Minton


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