Gay porn mag - ALLBOY - carries Pattinson Scienology lawsuit story

29 Dec 2000

Garry <garry@newsguy.com>

ALLBOY Magazine ( http://www.allboymag.com)
March 2001

Scoopdejour: Interesting gay goings-on
by Michael Tobias


Here's some dirt which the October 27, 2000 issue of FAB supposedly picked up from the STAR magazine and now we're passing it on to you.

A gay man, MICHAEL PATTINSON is suing the Church of Scientology and actor JOHN TRAVOLTA for an undisclosed sum because of their attempts to force Pattinson to become straight. If you don't know it, the Church of Scientology has a notoriously anti-homosexual agenda and they openly solicit gay members and then try to "brain wash" them into become heterosexual.

And, the lawsuit alleges, the church used member John Travolta in the role of a gay man who had become straight (and married fellow Scientologist KELLY PRESTON.) Further, the suit alleges that members of the church gossiped about Travolta's continuing homosexual promiscuity!

So...is Travolta gay? Who knows, but if he is, ain't it a pity that he didn't come out of the closet years ago when he was one of the most gorgeous hunk in films.


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